Raistlin Majere vs Marik

Suggested by iKnowledge Raistlin is a skilled mage and he has a lot of attack spells up his sleeve. That being said, Marik should have a trap card that can address all of them. Marik also has the Winged Dragon Ra at his disposal. A single blast from that monster will easily be enough to destroy Raistlin once and for all. No amount of tricks will be enough to keep him from complete and utter destruction. Marik simply has too many options at his disposal. Marik wins.


6 thoughts on “Raistlin Majere vs Marik

    • I read some of the forum, but I didn’t really see anything in terms of feats or combat ability there. They talked about their reputations and such, but I didn’t see much to back it up. Fair enough though, the guy sounds pretty tough

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