Chibi vs Gray (Fairy Tail)

Chibi and his dragon forms are all very powerful but they’re not going to be enough to stop Gray. Gray’s ice abilities are far too much for Chibi to handle. While his fire blasts are powerful, Gray has blocked hits from Natsu. That scales him to a level where Chibi can never hope to reach. The difference in power is just too great at this point and Gray won’t be able to keep up. Gray (Fairy Tail) wins.

Shiron vs Chibi

Suggested by Destroyer Shiron is the main dragon in Legendz and is a pretty strong guy overall. He got several super forms but none of them would be nearly enough to take down Chibi. Dragon Drive has a much higher ceiling when it comes to power levels so when two main characters fight you know how it’s going to go down. Chibi is ultimately better in every single physical stat so it’s hard to get past that. Shiron just doesn’t have the techniques to overcome that. Chibi wins.