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Professor X vs Goku

Professor X has his mind games that he can try and use to win, but it won’t work. Goku is much too powerful and strong willed for it to work. Goku is a super saiyan and they don’t go down. Prof X will have to fall back into the shadows of the blog. Goku wins.

10 thoughts on “Professor X vs Goku”

  1. Hey how are you doing?
    Can you explain why Goky wins?
    Professor X can just shut down Goku’s mind to the point where he’ll be nothing more than in a vegetable state, not only that but he can do that to any being anywhere in the universe.
    Meaning Goku can be here on Earth, Professor X on the other side of the Universe, and as long as he can trace Goku he could just turn off Goku’s mind. How can Goku counter that?

    1. Hey, I’m doing pretty well 🙂 Hope you are as well!

      Well, Prof X’s ability is pretty potent, but 2 things will make it difficult for him. One, Goku’s super speed would let him destroy Prof X in an instant. Even if he were far away, Goku could teleport to him and finish him off.

      Also, I’d say that Goku’s mind wouldn’t crack so easily. He’s a saiyan warrior after all. If he felt Prof X going into his mind, he could just power up and level the whole planet or solar system

      1. I don’t think shutting down Goku’s mind would take sufficient time for him to be able to do anything about it!
        Goku can power up, but in the end is difference to anybody else is his body, he has a powerful body, but his mind is the same as everybody else. Once his mind is destroyed, his body would just be an empty sack; just like anybody with a mental disability, they can have bodies as powerful as they want, hell i think there’s evidence that most mental disable people are stronger than most people, but it doesn’t help them much…

      2. I’ve always found the mind to be a bit tougher than it’s portrayed. Like, when Prof X tries to shut down Jean Grey’s mind, then they fight in the mind. Like an avatar of the person will try to keep their mind intact. That’s how I’ve always pictured it. So, when Prof X goes in to shut down Goku’s mind, he’ll have to defeat it. Which could be an impossible task for him

  2. Well Jean Grey has a powerful mind, she’s a telepath as well as a telekinetic, in fact i think her mind power is greater than the Professor’s so that’s why they had a fight using their spiritual beings. Altough their mind abilities are different, the professor is a high-level telepath, so i don’t think Phoenix can shut down someones mind like Xavier can. But for instance in the Fatal Atractions arc, Professor X shuts down Magneto’s mind, puting him into a vegetative state and there was nothing Magneto could do to prevent that, there was no battle in the spiritual realm, he has a powerful body but his mind is just the same as everybody else.

    1. Yeah, Jean Grey’s definitely an exceptional telepath as well. Though for the comics example…that’s the thing with them. I don’t always agree with the comics. I don’t think Prof X would be able to do that to Magneto so easily. Just like I don’t think pretty much everyone in the DC universe should be able to trip up Flash so easily. If Magneto and Prof X fought on the blog it would definitely be a lot closer. Prof X is still a threat, but I think it would take a lot more time to do that to someone. Plus it would probably depend on the character

  3. Ok but in the comics Professor X is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. He has to use is own powers all the time just to lock his mind, because if not everybody in the universe would be in danger, That’s why he uses Cerebro.
    I think he has a bad battle record here: Goku and Naruto yes i accept are debatable due to differences in their universes, but losing to Cyclops? Sorry, it’s impossible.

    1. Yeah, Prof X is definitely one of the stronger beings over there. When he turned into Onslaught, he nearly destroyed the marvel universe after all.

      Well remember…Cyclops has his Phoenix form which is extremely powerful. It also increases his mind resistence

  4. I wasn’t even taking into consideration Onslaught!
    But since you mentioned here’s the list of characters who sacrificed himself in the final battle against Onslaught:
    – The Hulk – Onslaught pounded him so much that he even separated the Hulk from Banner
    – Thor
    – The Thing
    – The Human Torch
    – Captain America
    – Vision
    – Namor
    – Scarlet Witch
    – Wasp
    – Hank Pym
    – Crystal
    – Iron Man
    – Doctor Doom
    – Hawkeye
    – Mr. Fantastic
    – Invisible Woman
    – Black Panther
    – Black Widow
    – Falcon.
    The only reason Cyclops or any of the X-Men isn’t on here is because any mutant who would be absorbed by Onslaught would give him power instead.
    Actually Onslaught: Marvel Universe was the 1st comic i read as a kid and caused a great impact on me. I knew most of these heroes by watching them on Tv, were they would be for the most part pretty much “invincible”. Now the 1st comic i picked up and they all died at once!
    Still to this day that was the biggest devastation of main characters i have ever seen, the only event on other media that i can think of that was on the same level was The Eclipse in the Berserk manga. And in a minor way, the missions in the manga Gantz.
    I also really recommend Berserk and Gantz, they are great mangas and still on going!

    1. Yeah, Onslaught is monstrously tough! He nearly defeated the whole marvel universe! It’d be cool to see him appear in the comics again at some point.

      Yeah, those 2 manga sound pretty good. I know a bit about Berserk thanks to Guts, but not much about Gantz so far. Those 2 manga sound like fun 🙂

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