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Bizarro vs Smaug

Suggested by Sonic Bizarro is a very powerful Superman villain who has actually been said to be stronger than the Man of Steel at times. Regardless that is more than enough power to take down Smaug. Smaug is a strong dragon who can burn whole buildings but Bizarro just needs one punch to clear him out of orbit. There’s not much the dragon can do when his opponent is both faster and stronger than him. Bizarro wins.

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Bizarro vs Flash

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Suggested by Sonic Wally has had a lot of cool outfits over the years. While his DCAU one is still the best I also liked the Rebirth one quite a lot. While this may seem like a stomp at first glance, Flash is quick enough to do some serious damage. When going all out his hits really pack a punch and flying is less of an advantage when your opponent can get a running start good enough to jump to almost any height. That being said, Bizarro only needs to land one really serious punch to completely turn the tides and he is fast enough to do so. Bizarro wins.

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Hawkgirl vs Bizarro

Suggested by Destroyer Hawkgirl is a tough warrior but her bark is usually much worse than her bite. Bizarro is far more powerful than her so he only really needs one hit. Hawkgirl’s mace likely wouldn’t even deal any real damage to the guy. Bizarro is just a little too sturdy and we haven’t even begun to discuss his super speed yet which makes this even more one sided. Bizarro wins.

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Gorilla Grodd vs Bizarro


Suggested by Destroyer Gorilla Grodd may be a pretty tough villain who gives Flash a run for his money but he is not suited to try and take down Bizarro. Bizarro is faster than Grodd and he is also stronger. The match will be over in an instant so Grodd’s famed intellect won’t save him. Bizarro wins.

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Bizarro vs Gon

Bizarro is a pretty tough fighter, but will he be able to win this round? Gon has a pretty intense level of speed and strength, but his main advantage is his Nen abilities. Bizarro is a powerful fighter, but he doesn’t have impressive energy attacks like that, so it will be tough for him to counter those. This is one match that he just won’t be able to win. Gon wins.

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Bizarro vs Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga is back, over his last few matches we’ve seen him take on the likes of Wonder Woman and Superman. Now it’s time for him to fight Bizarro! Bizarro is fast and strong, but loses just like the other two. He’s just outmatched by Gemini Saga and his super powers. Gemini Saga rises up the blog ranks. Gemini Saga wins.

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Superman vs Bizarro

Superman is back and this time he’s fighting Bizarro! It’s about time they fought, after all they are big time enemies! Bizarro is basically Superman, but in reverse, also he’s actually a bit stronger! Of course Superman has his 1 million form and with it, not even Bizarro could handle his power. Superman wins.

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Janemba vs Bizarro

Janemba is back and up against the super strong Bizarro! Janemba was able to take on a Super Saiyan 3 Goku! That’s a pretty impressive feat if there ever was one, Bizarro is also pretty strong, but in the end he loses this round. He lacks the speed and power that Janemba has and drops down the ranks. Janemba wins.