Bojack vs I-No

I-No is a tough fighter who has some good mid range skills as well as close quarters experience. Neither one of those options will impress Bojack though. Bojack is the kind of fighter who can shatter planets on a whim and moves faster than light. None of I-No’s attacks will even be capable of damaging this guy. That’s how insanely powerful Bojack is. Defeating him really just isn’t in the cards at this point and that’s not even counting his super form. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Elpizo

Elpizo is a powerful Megaman Zero villain for sure but that’s got nothing on Bojack. As a Super Saiyan villain who lost to a Super Saiyan 2 fighter, Bojack could defeat Elpizo in an instant. His speed, durability, and power are completely in a league of their own. I don’t see Elpizo being able to do anything against a fighter of this caliber. Any attempt to take him down would result in Elpizo being completely obliterated and out of Bojack’s league. When you fight someone who can end the solar system in an instant, there’s no other way this could end. Bojack wins.

Android 13 vs Bojack

This is a pretty interesting fight. Both of these fighters surpass the power of a Super Saiyan and both were handily defeated when they went up against a Super Saiyan Super Attack or a Super Saiyan 2 Kamehameha. It’s a tough fight all right, but I would give it to Android 13. It’s possible that Bojack has a slightly higher power level, but Android 13 has a lot of speed on his side. He also went up against Goku directly instead of fighting his friends. Taking on Goku is always the toughest feat to accomplish! Android 13 wins.

Update 9 19 20 Bojack’s powerup definitely propels him far above Android 13’s current limits. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bizarro

Bojack is back and he’s here to destroy the galaxy with a single punch! Bizarro may be tough, but he doesn’t have the power and energy abilities to keep up with someone like Bojack. Bojack is a DBZ fighter so that means that all DC fighters pale in comparison to his mighty abilities. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Trunks

Trunks is a SSJ3. With that kind of power Bojack wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Trunks is just too powerful. Bojack takes a loss and falls down the blog rankings. Trunks stands tall a midst all the destruction around him. Trunks is keeping up with the rest of the Z Fighters. Trunks wins.

Kogu vs Bojack

Bojack is already at his final match of the arc. Kogu may be tough, but he’s no match for Bojack. Bojack is his leader for a reason and could beat him no sweat. Kogu takes a loss in this match and falls down deeper into the blog. Maybe he’ll be back for more wins in the future. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bujin

Bujin may have tough ropes of energy, but they won’t be able to stop Bojack. Bojack just needs one solid punch and Bujin’s down. Bujin’s definitely not the strongest Galaxy Fighter and doesn’t stand a chance against Bojack. Bojack’s finally on a roll, but how long will it last? Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Zangya

Zangya may be a Z villain, but that doesn’t mean she is invincible. Bojack is also a Z villain and can defeat her. He did it once and he can do it again. She’s just not as powerful as Bojack. Bojack has his own version of Vegeta’s Final Flash which would take her out pretty fast. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bido

This the start of the Galaxy Soldiers Arc. Bojack is finally back for some wins. His first victim is Bido. Bido may have been tough back in his day, but he can’t take on Bojack. Bojack is just too powerful for him and could beat him pretty fast. Bido will be back, and maybe he’ll get some wins. Bojack wins.

Cell vs Bojack

Bojack is a strong being of immense power. Of course that doesn’t mean he can beat Cell. Cell has the Solar Kamehameha and with it he could blast Bojack away. Bojack loses this match, but he’ll be back someday. Cell rises higher into the blog. Cell wins.

Update 9 19 20 Bojack surpassed Cell with his recent Heroes update. Not even Cell X could stop him. Bojack wins.