Android 13 vs Bojack

This is a pretty interesting fight. Both of these fighters surpass the power of a Super Saiyan and both were handily defeated when they went up against a Super Saiyan Super Attack or a Super Saiyan 2 Kamehameha. It’s a tough fight all right, but I would give it to Android 13. It’s possible that Bojack has a slightly higher power level, but Android 13 has a lot of speed on his side. He also went up against Goku directly instead of fighting his friends. Taking on Goku is always the toughest feat to accomplish! Android 13 wins.

Update 9 19 20 Bojack’s powerup definitely propels him far above Android 13’s current limits. Bojack wins.

2 thoughts on “Android 13 vs Bojack

  1. Super Saiyan 2 is 50 times more powerful than SSJ1. Android 13 never went up against a Super Saiyan 2 nor even a Super Saiyan max. In the Android 13 movie, they were still no where the level they were in regular SSJ1 that they were when they fought Cell/Bojack. Bojack is much stronger than Android 13.

    • It’s true that a SSJ2 is on a completely different level from a SSJ1. That being said, Bojack was utterly humiliated by Gohan’s SSJ2 so he’s not quite at that level. He was taking out Gohan’s full Super Saiyan mode, but would he have really won? Gohan was actually doing quite well until they started triple teaming him and I’m confident that he actually could have won or that it would have been a really close fight. Vegeta lost, but he hadn’t fought in a while and he was very rusty. If Goku had fought Bojack in his fully powered SSJ form, he would have crushed Bojack.

      Likewise, I think that Android 13 would win this round because he actually did face them in their super saiyan forms. Not in their fully developed SSJ forms, but at a close level. He lost due to Goku’s ultimate final super attack, but he was otherwise uninjured from every single attack. That puts him pretty close to Broly in terms of durability, which is no easy feat. His speed was also much more impressive than Bojack’s so I think that he can pull out a win

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