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Android 13 vs Bojack

This is a pretty interesting fight. Both of these fighters surpass the power of a Super Saiyan and both were handily defeated when they went up against a Super Saiyan Super Attack or a Super Saiyan 2 Kamehameha. It’s a tough fight all right, but I would give it to Android 13. It’s possible that Bojack has a slightly higher power level, but Android 13 has a lot of speed on his side. He also went up against Goku directly instead of fighting his friends. Taking on Goku is always the toughest feat to accomplish! Android 13 wins.

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Android 13 vs Cooler

Android 13 is a pretty powerful android and his power is only matched by his speed! While he could give Cooler a run for his money, I don’t think he’d have what it takes to defeat Meta Cooler. Meta Cooler was able to take on a super saiyan and he nearly destroyed his opponents. Cooler wins.

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Android 13 vs Android 15

Android 13 is back and he’s back to pwn. Android 15 is pretty tough and even fought Vegeta, but in the end it’s no use. Android 13 is simply stronger than him and could take him out at any time. Android 13 always was a strong fighter and now we know why. Android 15 will be back, but this could be it for 13. Android 13 wins.

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Android 13 vs Android 14

The start of the 3 Androids from movie 7 Arc! Android 13 has a lot of special abilities, but what counts is that his speed and strength are off the charts. Android 13 even has a super form. With that kind of power not even Android 14 can take him down. Android 14 drops down the ranks. Android 13 wins.