Android 14 vs Turles

Suggested by Sonic Android 14 is a pretty powerful guy. Ordinarily you would expect him to crush Turles but things have changed since his day. Turles has gotten massively more powerful thanks to Xenoverse and Heroes. It’s at the point where he was able to unlock god level powers which is really pretty useful in a fight He is now faster and more powerful than 14. It’s hard to see 14 being able to do a whole lot against an opponent this skilled. Android 14 is out of his league here and doesn’t really have any attack options left. Turles wins.

Android 14 vs Circusman

Suggested by Sonic Circusman may be able to trap opponents with considerable firepower like Beast Megaman, but that’s just not gonna be enough. Android 14 is also a very powerful opponent and with his speed Circusman isn’t gonna be catching him at all. Android 14 is just on a completely different level from Circusman and that will allow him to achieve a convincing win. Android 14 wins.

Android 14 vs Cell

Android 14 is pretty powerful, but his strongest attacks wouldn’t be able to faze Cell. Cell’s also a lot quicker than Android 14 and would dodge his attacks pretty easily. Android 14 just won’t have a chance in this battle and he’ll need to settle for a dignified loss. Cell’s Kamehameha could end this in one shot. Cell wins.

Android 14 vs Android 15

The trilogy ends with this big fight. Android 14 vs 15. Only one can win, and that one is Android 14. Android 15 is pretty strong, but when it comes to fighting Android 14 will always be tops. His power is just far too high for 15 to beat him. Android 14 finally gets to rise higher in the ranks. Android 14 wins.

Android 13 vs Android 14

The start of the 3 Androids from movie 7 Arc! Android 13 has a lot of special abilities, but what counts is that his speed and strength are off the charts. Android 13 even has a super form. With that kind of power not even Android 14 can take him down. Android 14 drops down the ranks. Android 13 wins.