Larry Talbot vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Larry Talbot is a resourceful guy and he is not afraid to throw a few punches as well. Thing is, that’s not enough against a foe of Cell’s caliber. One misplaced punch and it’s all over for Talbot. He could transform into his werewolf state, but that one isn’t even bullet proof and barely enhances his physical abilities. Cell’s immediate counter strike will be fatal. Cell wins.


Imhotep vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Imhotep is a strong mummy but I don’t think he has what it takes to stop Cell. Cell is simply way too strong as he can take down a whole solar system in an instant if he chooses to do so. No amount of sand will be enough to deter such a powerful attack and speed has never been Imhotep’s strong suit. Cell wins.

Clayface vs Cell


Suggested by Anonymous Clayface may not be the flashiest Batman villain on the block but his powers are actually quite lethal. I would consider him to be one of the Dark Knight’s toughest foes even if his intellect isn’t particularly high. Still, there isn’t much he can do about blowing up the planet. Cell is simply too fast and frankly, Cell is too powerful as well. There is nothing Clayface can do. Cell wins.

Killer Croc vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Killer Croc has a mean bite and personally I don’t think anyone would really want to go up against him. That being said, he just won’t stand a chance against Cell. Cell could just blow up the whole solar system and that would end the fight in a heartbeat. There is no way for Croc to dodge or endure the attack so he may as well throw in the towel now. Good game KC, but the outcome was never in doubt. Cell wins.

Alexis Rhodes vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Alexis is a skilled duelist and I am sure she will put up quite the fight. That being said, I just don’t think she is ready to handle an opponent who can destroy a solar system in a single blast. She could have thousands of monsters at her beck and call, it would still simply not be enough in the end. This is one case where sheer numbers are not enough. Cell wins.

Chazz vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Chazz is a pretty skilled duelist. Despite being relegated to comic relief status he never stopped improving. That being said, he can’t hope to defeat Cell. Cell can destroy whole solar systems, what hope does Chazz have? Trading cards are no substitute for this kind of destructive power. It’s just too much. Cell wins.

Frieza vs Cell

Suggested by Destroyer Golden Frieza has really helped the character achieve new heights. If you consider the fact that Frieza may be getting even stronger then this is quite scary for all of the other antagonists in the DBZ franchise. Cell did get to Super Saiyan 2 level, but compared to god mode and Super Saiyan Blue, it just isn’t enough nowadays. Frieza would be able to speed blitz him. Frieza wins.

Dracula vs Cell

Suggested by Anon Cell is back and it’s time for another easy win. Dracula may have some mild strength and speed enhancements, but they really won’t do him a whole lot of good here. Cell still outclasses him in every possible way. This fight will end up being very one sided since Cell can simply destroy the whole solar system. That’d be a nice and easy way of defeating Dracula without even putting himself at risk. Of course, how risky is any action when you can regenerate half your body being blown up? Cell wins.

Frankenstein vs Cell

Requested by Anon Frankenstein is a classic monster who was known for his super strength, but it isn’t very impressive when up against a DBZ fighter of Cell’s caliber. Cell could easily crush Frankenstein with a single blow. The difference in their abilities is simply far too great. Cell could beat him an infinite amount of different ways so his victory is inevitable. Cell wins.

Harley Quinn vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Cell has returned, but this round won’t go very differently from his match against the Joker. Harley Quinn has a lot of trick weapons and her hand to hand skills aren’t bad, but what does it all matter against an opponent who can destroy the entire planet with a wave of his hand? Cell’s speed is also vastly superior to Harley Quinn’s, so she shouldn’t really be able to land a hit. Cell wins.