Android 14 vs Circusman

Suggested by Sonic Circusman may be able to trap opponents with considerable firepower like Beast Megaman, but that’s just not gonna be enough. Android 14 is also a very powerful opponent and with his speed Circusman isn’t gonna be catching him at all. Android 14 is just on a completely different level from Circusman and that will allow him to achieve a convincing win. Android 14 wins.

Megaman vs Circusman

Circusman is pretty fast. He was able to dodge a Beast Out Megaman Charge! Of course Megaman’s speed would still get him in the end. Circusman is strong, but he’s not much of a fighter. Megaman’s also got his legendary Hubstyle which could take down Circusman pretty quickly. Megaman wins.

Circusman vs Lazerman

Circusman is a netnavi of pretty impressive abilities, but in the end he can’t take down Lazerman. Lazerman has the disruption beam and with it he can do some pretty heavy duty damage! He did take on some big leaguers like Megaman and Protoman after all. Circusman’s tough, but he drops in the rankings after this loss. Lazerman wins.

Wackoman vs Circusman

Wackoman’s pretty tough. He appeared in episode 3 of Megaman. Circusman captured Beast Out Megaman in a cage. THE MEGAMAN. The guy who took out Lazerman in one charge shot. Circusman is one to be feared. Wackoman’s got 2 super tough minions but…..roll took them down. Circusman wins.