General Rilldo vs Hatchiyack

Suggested by Sonic Generall Rilldo is really just super well known for one scene, the one where Goku mentioned that he was more powerful than Buu. Beyond that he’s more of a bookmark in DB history. While that is impressive and would usually be more than Hatchiyack is capable of, the android got a decent sized role in DB Heroes as he overpowered Ozotto and got a new super form. Given that he was able to handle multiple opponents at a time including a more powerful Trunks and Vegeta, Rilldo wouldn’t be able to win this. Hatchiyack wins.

General Rilldo vs Astro Boy

General Rilldo is a pretty powerful being of immense power! With one punch he can utterly smash Astro Boy. Astro Boy is fast and powerful, but he wasn’t quite ready for the GT leagues. General Rilldo can destroy whole planets in a single blast! Now that’s real power! General Rilldo wins.

General Rilldo vs Bass

General Rilldo is a GT villain of immense power! Goku even made the bold claim that General Rilldo could take down Buu! Of course Bass is much too powerful to lose to any being. General Rilldo drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back one of these days. Possibly sooner than later! Bass wins.

General Rilldo vs Goku

General Rilldo is pretty powerful. With his raw power he can do some massive damage! His speed is also off the charts, but Goku’s a lot stronger! With one blast he can destroy pretty much anything with close to 0 effort! Goku has access to SSJ4 Gogeta form, but he won’t need it. Goku wins.