General Rilldo vs Hatchiyack

Suggested by Sonic Generall Rilldo is really just super well known for one scene, the one where Goku mentioned that he was more powerful than Buu. Beyond that he’s more of a bookmark in DB history. While that is impressive and would usually be more than Hatchiyack is capable of, the android got a decent sized role in DB Heroes as he overpowered Ozotto and got a new super form. Given that he was able to handle multiple opponents at a time including a more powerful Trunks and Vegeta, Rilldo wouldn’t be able to win this. Hatchiyack wins.

Hatchiyack vs Broly

Hatchiyack is back and he’s up against Broly. This is a pretty intense match! I think Hatchiyack would have the edge against Broly if they were both in their first appearances. However, SSJ3 has tipped the scale in Broly’s favor. Hatchiyack won’t be able to win this round. Broly wins.

Hatchiyack vs Vegeta

Hatchiyack is back and now he’s up against Vegeta! Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans and with a single blast he can cause some awesome destruction. Hatchiyack may be powerful, but I don’t think that he can keep up with a Super Saiyan 3! Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack will end this. Vegeta wins.

Hatchiyack vs Dabura

Both of these guys are about evenly matched. Dabura was stated to have power to possibly even rival Cell’s, but Dabura was taking the whole group down (As Saiyan 1’s) So….who wins this? I think Hatchiyack has the advantage in this round and I don’t see him losing. Hatchiyack wins.