King Vegeta vs Manaphy

Suggested by Sonic Manaphy may have a lot of different abilities at his disposal but none of them will be enough to turn King Vegeta away. That guy has enough ability at his disposal to quickly blast Manaphy out of there. Especially since he got his Xeno form which amplifies his power thousands of times over. Manaphy just won’t be able to keep up. King Vegeta wins.

King Vegeta vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random King Vegeta isn’t usually thought of as a particularly powerful Saiyan despite being the king. His power level was only 10000 after all which doesn’t sound very impressive by the end. Still, he was shown to be able to destroy multiple planets which is extremely impressive. Esdeath may end up having the edge in raw speed, but I don’t think she will be in the same league as King Vegeta in power which will end up being the deciding factor in this battle. King Vegeta wins.

Vegeta Jr vs King Vegeta

King Vegeta has always been a proud saiyan….the only trouble was that he was a pretty weak Saiyan. He never even turned into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta Jr turned into one pretty fast. That’s because Vegeta Jr comes from royalty, and because he’s tough stuff. Vegeta Jr wins.

Vegeta vs King Vegeta

This is the start of the three Vegetas arc. King Vegeta is a proud warrior and King of the Saiyans. Of course Vegeta is Prince of All Saiyans and could defeat King Vegeta with one simple ki blast. King Vegeta is not in Vegeta’s league anymore. Vegeta is a super saiyan. Vegeta wins.