King Vegeta vs Manaphy

Suggested by Sonic Manaphy may have a lot of different abilities at his disposal but none of them will be enough to turn King Vegeta away. That guy has enough ability at his disposal to quickly blast Manaphy out of there. Especially since he got his Xeno form which amplifies his power thousands of times over. Manaphy just won’t be able to keep up. King Vegeta wins.

Manaphy vs Ash

Manaphy is a water pokemon of incredible speed. Of course it won’t be enough to stop Ash. Ash is a Pokemon Trainer who may become the master. He has a lot of pokemon and he has even more wins! Manaphy may have lost this match, but maybe one day he’ll be back to pwn. Ash will be back of course. Ash wins.

Manaphy vs Jirachi

Manaphy has always been superior to Jirachi. Jirachi is not a fighter and can’t really outfight many other pokemon. Of course Manaphy’s also not the strongest pokemon, but he still does have his water attacks. They do heavy duty damage. He can also heal himself with water. Manaphy wins.