Leviamon vs Kyogre

Kyogre can also eat Leviamon
Leviamon managed a narrow win against Wailord, but will he be able to pull off another victory against Kyogre? Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon and his abilities are far superior to Wailord’s. Kyogre has a large array of abilities and he definitely has a lot more options in long range combat which will definitely help him take the win. The Speed advantage comes in handy as well. Kyogre wins.

Kyogre vs Snakeman

Kyogre is back to test his aquatic powers against Snakeman. Sadly for him Snakeman was ready and has the means to win this match. Now Snakeman gets himself a win. Snakeman wins.

Update! While Snakeman may have the element advantage over Kyogre, it definitely won’t be enough. Kyogre has some pretty incredible power and one good shot would be enough to end Snakeman in an instant. Kyogre wins.