Bojack vs I-No

I-No is a tough fighter who has some good mid range skills as well as close quarters experience. Neither one of those options will impress Bojack though. Bojack is the kind of fighter who can shatter planets on a whim and moves faster than light. None of I-No’s attacks will even be capable of damaging this guy. That’s how insanely powerful Bojack is. Defeating him really just isn’t in the cards at this point and that’s not even counting his super form. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Elpizo

Elpizo is a powerful Megaman Zero villain for sure but that’s got nothing on Bojack. As a Super Saiyan villain who lost to a Super Saiyan 2 fighter, Bojack could defeat Elpizo in an instant. His speed, durability, and power are completely in a league of their own. I don’t see Elpizo being able to do anything against a fighter of this caliber. Any attempt to take him down would result in Elpizo being completely obliterated and out of Bojack’s league. When you fight someone who can end the solar system in an instant, there’s no other way this could end. Bojack wins.

Dragon Ball Z Bojack Unbound Review

Looks like it’s time for another classic DBZ review! It really doesn’t get better than that right? This film definitely had me a little concerned seeing as how Goku wouldn’t be a main character. That’s just asking to be thrown under the average anime film, but this title actually manages to get past that due to some pretty good writing and epic action scenes. A certain scene also helped this film really hold its own and end up being one of my top films.

The Earth is hosting yet another big tournament as the film kicks off and Gohan has decided to enter to keep his fighting skills sharp. Tien, Piccolo, Trunks, Krillin, and Yamcha also enter to see who the strongest Z Fighter of all is. The tournament is interrupted as it reaches the final stages though as intergalactic pirates appear. Bojack and his men aren’t here to play and they intend to wipe out everyone on Earth. Gohan is going to have to step up as Earth’s champion even sooner than he thought. Can he really defeat this nemesis?

The film starts out with some solid fights and there is never a breather as the action continues to accelerate. It can be a little sad for Yamcha and Tien fans though because they look absolutely terrible against the new villains. They don’t even last a minute as they are dispatched without effort. Tien got a lot of hype during the opening scenes so that probably shocked his fans to the core. I’m sure that everyone was already rooting for Yamcha to lose though so that’s all right.

An interesting thing that this film points out is that the Z fighters have absolutely no experience with teamwork. They all go at the villains one at a time so they are systematically destroyed by the sheer numbers of the opponents. In the actual series, they never really had to team up against a villain group before, but I like to think that they would do a better job than they did here. The only battle that comes close to this one would probably be the group against Androids 17 and 18. There wasn’t a whole lot of teamwork to be seen there either. Maybe we have just discovered the weakness of our heroes.

Vegeta’s role is very small and unfortunately it is not great. It’s nowhere near as bad as in the Broly or Bills titles, but he basically just appears to get beaten up. He has a decent excuse since he had given up fighting and was clearly rusty, but I think he should have put up a better fight. He only got one or two hits in the entire fight and that’s definitely not what you would expect from the Saiyan prince. His streak of losses in the films continues here. At least he went out swinging.

Trunks is an interesting figure since he is the only guy to actually win his battle in the early part of the film, but then things go downhill for him from there. He is ineffective against the minions and Bojack. He is constantly being double or triple teamed so he never stood a chance. He really highlights the lack of teamwork issue as he is beaten to the ground constantly. He is a tough fighter so it’s sad to see him get so overwhelmed. At least defeating another one of the minions would have made him look better.

To an extent, the reason why all of the heroes look bad is because Gohan gets to look great here. He ends up taking the whole group on by himself. It’s great props for the young Saiyan even if he gets a little help from an old legend. Once he activates Super Saiyan 2, it’s basically over for the villains. It’s too bad that it still takes so much for him to transform, but Goku loves holding back as well so it may just run in the Saiyan family. Gohan is a good example of a solid character. He’s not as charismatic as your average lead, but he’s a good guy and he doesn’t fall into any character holes. I definitely wouldn’t say that he had any faults and he fought bravely until the very end.

Goku doesn’t appear very much in the film, but he still reminds me why he is such a great character. If we were just talking about the films, he would easily be my favorite character. He just looks so great in these titles! He decides to break some intergalactic rules to go and help Gohan, which gives him tremendous brownie points as far as I am concerned. A lesser main character would have just kept shouting encouraging words from the sideline without actually going to help. Going to help someone else escape imminent destruction is always the right move.

Piccolo’s role is even more brief, but he still looks pretty great as well. As always he comes at just the right time and his voice is still as impressive as ever. He is quickly outmatched by Bojack, but at least he gave it his all. His entrance was certainly dramatic and he’s another character who’s hard to dislike. He has an aura of confidence aruond him even if he knows that he will lose.

Bojack’s minions really get no character, but he certainly gets enough to discuss him. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of his although I certainly like him as a villain. His design is perfect for him and wanting to exact revenge on Goku and the Kai’s is a pretty original goal at least. He doesn’t seem to comprehend the meaning of power levels though since he doesn’t notice that Gohan has surpassed him and he’s just not that interesting when it all boils down to it. I’d say that he’s probably around Super Android 13 level in power and certainly under Broly. He’s tough to be sure, but he’s lucky that he was freed when he was. Going to Earth during the next arc would have been pretty difficult for him.

There is a subplot with Hercule that doesn’t really go anywhere, but I suppose that he did contribute in one scene. It’s always good to see him in the spotlight, but it’s hard to beat his canon appearances where he actually gets to help save the universe. Krillin is also around, but he looks so awful that it’s easy to just overlook him. He didn’t put up a real fight at all, which is pretty disappointing. He basically gave up before the fight was even started.

The most annoying attack that the villains have is easily their wires. They can drain away your energy with them and they are extremely hard to break. It can be a little tough to comprehend that a few strings are so strong that a Super Saiyan can’t break through them, but I guess that is just how the ball rolls. I think that the writers could have gave them a more impressive looking attack since that in turn would also make the heroes look more impressive.

The animation looks great and you can tell that Toei put a lot of effort into it like with the Broly film. Once again, the battles take place in a city and it is during night time in this film so the fight scenes are pretty unique. I would still say that Broly looks slightly better, but this one definitely gives it a run for its money. The Kamehameha at the end is very detailed and looks great and I can’t complain about the designs either. This helps the film to be complete as it is solid in every aspect.

The soundtrack is very underwhelming since it’s just the same songs from the TV show, but that seems to be a staple at this point. Even Battle of Gods used a lot of old music if I am not mistaken. I’m assuming that new ones will eventually pop up, but as long as people continue to enjoy the old ones they may keep on appearing. It’s not a bad soundtrack, but I do think that a lot of the songs do feel more than a little dated.

The only negative would be….Roshi’s plot. He only gets a few minutes to himself, which is great news for us. It manages to be a really awful scene, but luckily he is written out after that so that things can go back to normal. There really isn’t anything else that I would consider as a negative. A missed opportunity is that Goku should have taken Bojack and his gang down, but I know that this would have definitely stolen a lot of thunder from Gohan so I can see why the writers decided not to do that. As long as the Z fighters show some more teamwork next time, I’ll be satisfied.

Where do the DBZ films rank for me? This is subject to change since they are all very close, but I would rank them: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan>>Super Android 13>>Return of Cooler>>Cooler’s Revenge>>Bojack Unbound>>>Battle of Gods>>>>>Fusion Reborn>>Broly Second Coming>>>>Lord Slug>Wrath of the Dragon>>Tree of Might>>>Dr Wheelo>>>Bio Broly>>Dead Zone. It’s lightly possible that I missed one so bear with me here. The new DBZ film is looking like it could end up breaching the top 5, but that would make Bojack drop a spot so it’s definitely a double edged sword in that regard. It’s good to see that DBZ has so many strong films at his disposal.

Overall, Bojack Unbound is an excellent film. Gohan is a likable main character and Goku’s cameo was extremely awesome. They could have done even more with it, but just the fact that the scene happened was pretty cool. Goku should put villains in their place a little more often since that would be pretty fun to watch. The soundtrack doesn’t really get out there as it’s your standard DBZ material, but I can deal with that since the fights are so great. The animation is topnotch and there really aren’t any negatives to be found here. Master Roshi has a quick scene as expected, but luckily it is all over very quickly. I highly recommend checking this film out when you have a chance and then you can see that Dragon Ball Z is a winner with or without Goku.

Overall 9/10

Android 13 vs Bojack

This is a pretty interesting fight. Both of these fighters surpass the power of a Super Saiyan and both were handily defeated when they went up against a Super Saiyan Super Attack or a Super Saiyan 2 Kamehameha. It’s a tough fight all right, but I would give it to Android 13. It’s possible that Bojack has a slightly higher power level, but Android 13 has a lot of speed on his side. He also went up against Goku directly instead of fighting his friends. Taking on Goku is always the toughest feat to accomplish! Android 13 wins.

Update 9 19 20 Bojack’s powerup definitely propels him far above Android 13’s current limits. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bizarro

Bojack is back and he’s here to destroy the galaxy with a single punch! Bizarro may be tough, but he doesn’t have the power and energy abilities to keep up with someone like Bojack. Bojack is a DBZ fighter so that means that all DC fighters pale in comparison to his mighty abilities. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Trunks

Trunks is a SSJ3. With that kind of power Bojack wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Trunks is just too powerful. Bojack takes a loss and falls down the blog rankings. Trunks stands tall a midst all the destruction around him. Trunks is keeping up with the rest of the Z Fighters. Trunks wins.

Kogu vs Bojack

Bojack is already at his final match of the arc. Kogu may be tough, but he’s no match for Bojack. Bojack is his leader for a reason and could beat him no sweat. Kogu takes a loss in this match and falls down deeper into the blog. Maybe he’ll be back for more wins in the future. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bujin

Bujin may have tough ropes of energy, but they won’t be able to stop Bojack. Bojack just needs one solid punch and Bujin’s down. Bujin’s definitely not the strongest Galaxy Fighter and doesn’t stand a chance against Bojack. Bojack’s finally on a roll, but how long will it last? Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Zangya

Zangya may be a Z villain, but that doesn’t mean she is invincible. Bojack is also a Z villain and can defeat her. He did it once and he can do it again. She’s just not as powerful as Bojack. Bojack has his own version of Vegeta’s Final Flash which would take her out pretty fast. Bojack wins.

Bojack vs Bido

This the start of the Galaxy Soldiers Arc. Bojack is finally back for some wins. His first victim is Bido. Bido may have been tough back in his day, but he can’t take on Bojack. Bojack is just too powerful for him and could beat him pretty fast. Bido will be back, and maybe he’ll get some wins. Bojack wins.