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Bido vs Kogu

Bido and Kogu are about the same level. Bido has shown more attacks than Kogu, but Kogu has the ability to turn into a super Galaxy Soldier. In this form his powers are increased dramatically. Bido’s part of the arc is now over. Too bad for him that it ended on a loss. He might not be back for a while. Kogu wins.

Battles, Bido Battles, Zangya Battles

Zangya vs Bido

Bido may be a strong warrior, but Zangya has been playable in the Budokai Tenkaichi game. In that game she unlocked new powers and showed the world why she is the strongest Galaxy Soldier. Not even Bido could take her down now. Bido takes a loss, but he’ll have other matches. Zangya wins.