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Kogu vs Zangya

The Galaxy Arc is over with this fight. The fight comes down to the big question, Which is better, Attacks from Budokai Tenkaichi 3, or a Super Saiyan technique? In the end Budokai Tenkaichi skills take the win this time. Kogu’s transformation is powerful, but it’s not quite powerful enough to take down Zangya. Zangya is too quick for him. Zangya wins.

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Bujin vs Zangya

Zangya is back to pwn more characters. Bujin may act tough, but deep down he’s not so tough. Zangya could defeat him pretty easily thanks to her array of attacks. Bujin just didn’t have a chance against a being of such power. Zangya takes another win and rises higher into the blog. Zangya wins.