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Maya Natsume vs Erza

Suggested by iKnowledge Maya Natsume seems a little more impressive than Aya to be sure, but I still wouldn’t say that she is quite ready to take down Erza. Erza has a lot of battle experience at her disposal including a large array of different armors to choose from. Erza’s stats are above Maya’s and she will be able to dodge Natsume’s attacks with ease. Erza’s been around the block quite a few times in her prime. She’ll be able to definitely outlast Maya when it comes to stamina. Erza wins.

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Aya Natsume vs Erza

Suggested by iKnowledge Aya can see into the future to an extent so that will mildly help her in the fight against Erza. Ultimately it will not be able to help her enough here though. Erza still has the absolute edge in speed and raw power. Just because Aya can know how to dodge doesn’t mean that she’ll have the stamina to do so forever. In a close quarters combat fight the most important skills to have are technique and speed. Erza wins in both of those so there isn’t much Aya can do to mount a comeback. Erza wins.

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Erza vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Erza and Guts are both pretty skilled in using a blade. They can fight from mid-range or even long range with the shockwaves from their slices. Still, Erza has the edge here thanks in part to how versatile her armors are. She can keep swapping from armor to armor which will keep Guts off balance. His battle mode is pretty strong and can keep up with her toughest armors, but her array of special abilities will ultimately give her the edge here. Guts just has less tools in his arsenal. Erza wins.

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Kirito vs Erza

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This was a fairly close battle between two extremely fast sword fighters. Erza has many different armors, which grant her different abilities while overwhelming opponents with sheer power and speed is Kirito’s bread and butter. Kirito’s lack of long range options is what really holds him back here as Erza should be ale to keep up with his speed. What Kirito needs is some kind of power up and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets it someday. As of now, Erza has the edge. Erza wins.