Kagura (Fairy Tail) vs Erza

Kagura has returned for another fight and this time she’s up against her rival Erza. When they initially fought I think it’s fair to say that Kagura had the massive edge despite losing. She was shown to be faster and stronger than Erza. That was a long time ago though. Right now I’d say that Erza would have the edge. Erza has continued to grow stronger and stronger to the point where she can slice a meteor. Kagura’s mountain slicer is no longer quite as impressive when compared to that. Erza has simply surpassed her in all areas. Erza wins.

Kagura (Fairy Tail) vs Lloyd

Both of these characters are skilled with a blade but there’s just no contest here. While you can make the case that Lloyd’s sword is superior to Kagura’s, his raw power is not. She was able to take on a fighter as skilled as Erza without even unsheathing her blade. Kagura’s destructive abilities and speed are also far greater than Lloyd’s. He would have a very difficult time trying to block or evade her strikes. There’s no way you can win when the gap is that vast. Ultimately that’s why he would be at a disadvantage here. No matter what he does, Lloyd will be outmaneuvered in the end. Kagura (Fairy Tail) wins.

Kagura (Fairy Tail) vs Cal Kestis

Cal is a Jedi Master whose abilities are quite impressive. He can use Force shockwaves to take down opponents who aren’t even close to him. That said, he’s no match for someone like Kagura. Kagura was able to destroy a wide area just by unsheathing her sword. The instant she does that the match will be all over here. Cal really doesn’t have any chance of standing up to an attack like that. Even his Force barrier would simply shatter. Even if Cal were to survive the opening move, he ism’t fast enough to dodge a second one. Kagura (Fairy Tail) wins.