Kagura (Fairy Tail) vs Lloyd

Both of these characters are skilled with a blade but there’s just no contest here. While you can make the case that Lloyd’s sword is superior to Kagura’s, his raw power is not. She was able to take on a fighter as skilled as Erza without even unsheathing her blade. Kagura’s destructive abilities and speed are also far greater than Lloyd’s. He would have a very difficult time trying to block or evade her strikes. There’s no way you can win when the gap is that vast. Ultimately that’s why he would be at a disadvantage here. No matter what he does, Lloyd will be outmaneuvered in the end. Kagura (Fairy Tail) wins.

Great Grey Wolf Sif vs Lloyd

Lloyd has returned for a battle of swordsmen. This Wolf is pretty skilled to be able to wield a sword at all. You have to admit that it’s fairly impressive. That said, Lloyd has elemental spells at his disposal and a sword that can effectively rewrite reality. His better equipment really makes this no contest because he can slice through the Wolf’s blade. No matter how strong this wolf may be, his sword just can’t compete with Lloyd’s equipment which means that he is ultimately doomed in combat. There’s just nothing that he can do here. Lloyd wins.

Frank Martin vs Lloyd

This is a tribute to Transporter 3. I’m afraid that Frank wasn’t quite tough enough to win. Not only was he basically blackmailed into getting into an affair but he got defeated a fair amount here. He wasn’t able to keep to his professional level quite as much as in the first two films and so his character had a noticeable drop. Meanwhile you have Lloyd who is as heroic as a person can get. He uses his unique abilities and elemental blows to take out any enemy in his path. I don’t see Frank lasting very long against him. Lloyd wins.