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Maya Natsume vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Maya has returned one last time, but she is still out of luck against Guts. Guts is too fast of a fighter and he will be able to overwhelm Maya. Maya can use ki to amp up her attacks and provide good resistance against Guts, but this will ultimately be futile. Her attacks just won’t deal enough damage to take Guts down for the count and he will be landing blows more consistently than her. When you consider that her defense (while still reasonable) is under Guts, that makes this a pretty clear cut victory for him. Guts wins.

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Maya Natsume vs Erza

Suggested by iKnowledge Maya Natsume seems a little more impressive than Aya to be sure, but I still wouldn’t say that she is quite ready to take down Erza. Erza has a lot of battle experience at her disposal including a large array of different armors to choose from. Erza’s stats are above Maya’s and she will be able to dodge Natsume’s attacks with ease. Erza’s been around the block quite a few times in her prime. She’ll be able to definitely outlast Maya when it comes to stamina. Erza wins.

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Maya Natsume vs Vegeta

Vegeta continues his reign of terror and I think this is a good point to mention that he has the ability to go Super Saiyan 3. In that form Vegeta’s starts are completely off the charts and I don’t even think Maya would be able to damage him. It’s extremely hard to win in a situation like that and I dare say that it may even be impossible. Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans and has certainly earned the title. He won’t be losing here. Vegeta wins.

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Lucy Heartfilia vs Maya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucy has quite a few summons at her disposal which helps her deal with foes that she would have a tough time with otherwise. That being said, she’s still going to have a very tough time here. Maya is an exceptional fighter and her attacks are also amped up with ki. That means that Lucy is going to have a very tough time getting past her. Lucy’s summons range from decently strong to downright formidable, but I don’t think she has anything up her sleeve that can stop someone like Maya. Maya Natsume wins.