Mihawk vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time to take a look at a battle of master swordsmen. When it comes to overall technique I’d say without question that Mihawk is superior. He has really trained himself to the upper limits of how to wield a sword. His concentration is absolute and his power is without question. Where Guts has a chance here is with his speed. In his berserker armored state his speed is incredible. Is it enough to get past Mihawk’s haki and reaction times though? Right now I’d say no to that. Mihawk is simply too formidable and would block any incoming strike. He could then be able to end this with a counter move. Mihawk wins.

Lex Luthor vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Guts is a powerful swordsman who has great speed at his disposal as well as a solid amount of power. As powerful as Lex is with his various suits and obtaining Superman/Flash’s abilities in the past he just isn’t ready to take on Guts. Guts can use short bursts of speed to wreck havoc on Lex and a single hit would deal a ton of damage. If given enough prep time Lex would certainly think of a way to win, but time isn’t on his side right now. Guts wins.

Maya Natsume vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Maya has returned one last time, but she is still out of luck against Guts. Guts is too fast of a fighter and he will be able to overwhelm Maya. Maya can use ki to amp up her attacks and provide good resistance against Guts, but this will ultimately be futile. Her attacks just won’t deal enough damage to take Guts down for the count and he will be landing blows more consistently than her. When you consider that her defense (while still reasonable) is under Guts, that makes this a pretty clear cut victory for him. Guts wins.

Aya Natsume vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Aya has returned, but she won’t be able to do a whole lot against Guts here. Guts is simply too fast of a fighter for Aya to hope to match him. His vicious attacks will take their toll and Aya will quickly find that she is outmatched here. Seeing the future won’t help her in this round because of the difference in their physical abilities. Guts isn’t the type to think much before acting, he’ll just rush in and land a flurry of blows. Guts wins.

Erza vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Erza and Guts are both pretty skilled in using a blade. They can fight from mid-range or even long range with the shockwaves from their slices. Still, Erza has the edge here thanks in part to how versatile her armors are. She can keep swapping from armor to armor which will keep Guts off balance. His battle mode is pretty strong and can keep up with her toughest armors, but her array of special abilities will ultimately give her the edge here. Guts just has less tools in his arsenal. Erza wins.

Guts vs Akame

Suggested by iKnowledge Akame is an excellent swordfighter. She may not have the raw strength that Guts has, but she can definitely beat him in a battle of speed. Her unleashed form amps up her skills even more to the point where Guts and his armor won’t be able to stop her. It’ll be a reasonably tough battle, but Akame is more agile and that will make a world of difference here. You can’t lose if you’re not getting hit. Akame wins.

Guts vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge This is definitely a tough fight. Guts isn’t typically seen as such a high end fighter to be able to deal with Superman like this, but in his armored form his speed increases quite drastically. Superman is a powerful opponent, but I just don’t think he will be able to cope here. It’s a fight that is quite close though and we’ll see if Guts can actually hold onto the lead for very long. Guts wins.

Hercules vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercules is a pretty powerful fighter. While he has never been in the same league as Thor, the guy puts a lot of passion behind every punch. He’s not a fighter that you should take lightly. That being said, Guts is highly proficient with his sword so he’ll have the edge in mid range combat and the difference in their speed isn’t even comparable. Hercules won’t be landing any hits here. Guts wins.

Guts vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Wonder Woman to enter the fray in a gauntlet of 2 back to back fights against Berserk characters. She would certainly be able to overpower Guts in his normal form, but his armor may make him a little too quick. She can likely still keep up with him as far as power is concerned, but speed is where he has the edge. She will have a hard time countering his blows and as his power is high enough to harm her, I don’t think Wonder Woman will be able to come out on top here. His attack range is too great and backed up by his speed that is lethal here. Guts wins.

Guts vs Ichigo

Guts may be a bold fighter but he doesn’t really have what it takes when you put him up against someone truly powerful like Ichigo. Ichigo is a true master of the sword and would be able to easily run rings around Guts. Ichigo can basically fly which gives him more options in combat as well and all of this basically spells victory for the young Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.