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Hercules vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercules is back, but he won’t fare any better against Griffith. He won’t be able to even understand what is happening when Griffith speed blitzes him and starts dishing out the pain. Hercules can take a hit but with no way to counter attack he will still be going down for the count pretty quickly. He just wasn’t prepared for this kind of fight. Griffith wins.

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Hercules vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercules is a pretty powerful fighter. While he has never been in the same league as Thor, the guy puts a lot of passion behind every punch. He’s not a fighter that you should take lightly. That being said, Guts is highly proficient with his sword so he’ll have the edge in mid range combat and the difference in their speed isn’t even comparable. Hercules won’t be landing any hits here. Guts wins.

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Wonder Woman vs Hercules

Wonder Woman takes this match pretty easily. Hercules may be strong, but without Wonder Woman’s super speed and flight it’s barely a fight. He just can’t take on someone as powerful as Wonder Woman. Hercules drops to 0-2 with this loss. This is a sad day for his fans. Wonder Woman rises up this win. Wonder Woman wins.

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Thor vs Hercules

Hercules has super strength and has been fighting with Thor for ages. Thor has always been the stronger fighter and has more experience than Hercules. Hercules is also strong, but in the end he doesn’t have enough skills to win. Thor takes another win and rises up the ranks. Hercules loses his first match. Hercules will be back someday. Thor wins.