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Hercules vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercules is back, but he won’t fare any better against Griffith. He won’t be able to even understand what is happening when Griffith speed blitzes him and starts dishing out the pain. Hercules can take a hit but with no way to counter attack he will still be going down for the count pretty quickly. He just wasn’t prepared for this kind of fight. Griffith wins.

4 thoughts on “Hercules vs Griffith”

  1. Griffith has a good chance of this Hercules beating him badly. For the same reasons as the Guts fight. I admit, from what I know of Berserk, the Apostles of the Godhead are terrifyingly powerful beings (emphasis on the terrifying), but Hercules has faced copies of them in the Marvel Universe and beyond. It’s not like he’s an amateur with them.

    1. Hercules has fought many powerful opponents, but I’d argue that he has probably never fought someone on the Apostles level. In general he has never been the most impressive Marvel fighter and while the guy has some undeniable fighting skills and raw strength to back him up, I do think that he is definitely at a disadvantage next to the other heavy hitters. He could make this a good fight though

      1. For my reasoning behind my answers (This goes for the Hercules vs Guts battle too), check this out from the Vsbattleswiki: High Hyperverse level (Hercules slowed down the Chaos King, although it was stated that he would lose, and after the fight he brought back the Multiverse by sacrificing his entire power). Recreating a multiverse is hardly something I think Griffith and Guts could do by any of their own physical actions in combat. Just look at how powerful Chaos King is: That’s all I have to say.

      2. When it comes to creation that is always pretty tough since that’s not really quantifiable. Characters give out their energy all the time, but it really depends on what they do wit it. Hercules may have more energy than the others since he is a divine being, but I wouldn’t still say that it makes him any stronger. Taking on the Chaos King was pretty good, but it’s definitely not a fight that he was winning. What also hurts Hercules here a lot is his speed since it’ll just be really hard to keep up with Griffith at all. The strength won’t come into play all that much if he can’t land a hit

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