Skull Knight vs Griffith

Suggested by Sonic The Skull Knight has some pretty powerful cards at his disposal but they won’t be doing anything to Griffith. Griffith’s speed is really unmatched and he can use his gravity abilities to push back all of the Knight’s attacks. The Skull Knight does not have any cards that are powerful enough to completely push past this and that’s why he will ultimately lose here. Griffith wins.

Griffith vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith has returned and now he is up against the strongest comic book character to ever walk the planet. It’s a tough one for sure. I had Griffith narrowly take Wonder Woman down a while back and she is fairly close to Superman in power. The match-up is similar. Can Superman overwhelm Griffith with speed or will his TK abilities stop Superman in his tracks? Griffith’s physical abilities aren’t quite as good as Guts’ so he has to rely on psychic powers. Superman’s got a lot of experience with that and his energy reserves should hold long enough to win. Superman wins.

Zauriel vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Zauriel is a pretty powerful character. He’s effectively got the whole range of abilities at his disposal such as power, a good weapon, speed, and flight. That being said, Griffith has those abilities as well and will have the edge here. His psychic abilities will serve to slow Zauriel down and make him more susceptible to attacks. Zauriel is strong enough to resist the TK abilities, but as long as he does that it will weaken him in all other areas. It’s a nagging distraction that won’t go away. Griffith wins.

Sailor Moon vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is a powerful foe and someone who should not be underestimated. While he should be particularly susceptible to Sailor Moon’s attacks since they eradicate evil, I don’t think she will be quick enough to hit him. Griffith’s speed is quite legendary and so he is far more likely to strike Sailor Moon first and take the early advantage. It’s always hard to get past a speed advantage. Griffith wins.

Hercules vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercules is back, but he won’t fare any better against Griffith. He won’t be able to even understand what is happening when Griffith speed blitzes him and starts dishing out the pain. Hercules can take a hit but with no way to counter attack he will still be going down for the count pretty quickly. He just wasn’t prepared for this kind of fight. Griffith wins.

Griffith vs Vegeta

Griffith has returned, but he is certainly no match for Vegeta. Even before Vegeta achieved the powers of a Saiyan god he had enough power to win this round. Lets nor forget that in SSJ2 he could likely destroy a Solar System and his speed/power have increased many times over since then. He is the Prince of All Saiyans and it’s hard to imagine him losing any time soon. Vegeta wins.

Wonder Woman vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is one of Guts’ biggest enemies and one of the stronger characters in the series. He isn’t quite deity level like some of the other villains, but his speed is close to that of Guts and he possesses more special abilities which aid him in a fight. One such ability is telekinesis which is always handy and it will help him hinder Wonder Woman’s movements to a degree. Griffith will still have the edge in speed and while his attack power doesn’t seem quite as impressive as Guts’, it is at a very close level. Griffith wins.