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Sailor Moon vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is a powerful foe and someone who should not be underestimated. While he should be particularly susceptible to Sailor Moon’s attacks since they eradicate evil, I don’t think she will be quick enough to hit him. Griffith’s speed is quite legendary and so he is far more likely to strike Sailor Moon first and take the early advantage. It’s always hard to get past a speed advantage. Griffith wins.

8 thoughts on “Sailor Moon vs Griffith”

  1. I’m slightly more familiar with Sailor Moon than Berserk!, and due to her powers being connected to a Galaxy, that should be enough for Griffith to be judged by the moon and found wanting.

    1. The tough part though is that defensively Sailor Moon is basically just as strong as a normal human. A single punch would easily break her and that’s the problem here. She isn’t fast enough to even launch a counter attack in time.

    1. It’s not that I don’t believe the Vs Wiki, but her feats are really all over the place. She tends to get hurt by just about everything so then when she does have a good durability feat you end up wondering how that would work. These feats in the Reddit thread are pretty solid as well, but I don’t see her being a match for Griffin. His speed will allow him to quickly get the edge in a close quarters brawl and Sailor Moon just wouldn’t e able to escape him.

    1. I didn’t really see many good feats for Moon in there. A lot of the universal related material isn’t really destructive power, but just when she cleanses souls people tend to put her in a higher tier. I’d say she’s really city level at best and her other stats are more like street level

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