Skull Knight vs Griffith

Suggested by Sonic The Skull Knight has some pretty powerful cards at his disposal but they won’t be doing anything to Griffith. Griffith’s speed is really unmatched and he can use his gravity abilities to push back all of the Knight’s attacks. The Skull Knight does not have any cards that are powerful enough to completely push past this and that’s why he will ultimately lose here. Griffith wins.

Gagaga Girl vs Skull Knight

Suggested by Sonic Gagaga Girl is a pretty fun character. She has some decent energy blasts at her disposal and can fly which is handy. In sheer stats Skull Knight is superior though. Her mobility makes this a close fight either way, but there is one big deciding factor. Skull Knight actually decided to be a duelist once and had a real deck. There’s no way Gagaga Girl can get around that because now Skull Knight has access to several monsters and traps. Gagaga Girl will be too heavily outnumbered to really fight back. Skull Knight wins.

Skull Knight vs Bass

The Skull Knight is a pretty tough duelist who has some decent monsters at his disposal. If needed, this Skull Knight can also put up a pretty brave fight on his own. Nonetheless, it will not be enough to deter a fighter of Bass’ caliber. Bass is simply too strong for any opponent to defeat and his limitless speed is probably the key reason as to why he always wins. The Skull Knight was doomed from the start due to his inferior abilities. Bass wins.

Skull Knight vs Dark Magician

If they were fighting card to card, there’s no question who would win this round. Dark Magician has his chaos mode and even in his normal form an energy blast or two should suffice. That being said, Yugioh GX can turn any monster into a legend and Skull Knight got a whole deck of monsters to add to his disposal. Among them were powerful creatures like the Vorse Raider and the Summoned Skull. Dark Magician’s chaos mode may be stronger than any of the Skull Knight’s monsters individually, but I don’t believe that he could defeat Skull Knight’s team when they work together. Skull Knight wins.