Gagaga Girl vs Dark Magician

Suggested by Sonic Gagaga Girl is a talented spellcaster but her stats are fairly average compared to the Magician’s. Dark Magician has an attack power of 2500 compared to Gagaga Girl’s 1000. Additionally, he has received several power ups over the years such as his chaos form while she is pretty much stuck in place. No matter how you slice it that’s pretty bad news for her in terms of trying to catch up to him. Their skillsets are similar but he’s just more powerful. Dark Magician wins.

Dark Magician vs Fire Man

Suggested by Sonic Mega Mix and Giga Mix definitely bumped up the power levels for a lot of the classic villains. For a while Fire Man was one of those guys who could shoot a good amount of fire but didn’t have a whole lot of speed or anything like that. Now, Fire Man would definitely be able to overwhelm Dark Magician. The spellcaster’s attacks would still be dangerous but Fire Man will be able to dodge them with relative ease and keep up the heat until the Dark Magician would be unable to endure it any longer. He can only last for so long against that kind of attack. Fire Man wins.

Dark Magician vs Rezo

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of spellcasters. The Dark Magician may believe that he has the upper hand right away here since he can see, but sight tends to be overratted for true fighters. Just look at Daredevil or Toph. You can find ways to fight even without traditional sight and since Rezo can sense energy it doesn’t really make much of a difference. His overall magical ability is at a much higher level than the Dark Magician. The Magician really only has one or two main energy attacks that he uses and their power is nowhere near Rezo’s. A quick energy blast would break through the Dark Magician’s offense and take him down. Rezo wins.

Skull Knight vs Dark Magician

If they were fighting card to card, there’s no question who would win this round. Dark Magician has his chaos mode and even in his normal form an energy blast or two should suffice. That being said, Yugioh GX can turn any monster into a legend and Skull Knight got a whole deck of monsters to add to his disposal. Among them were powerful creatures like the Vorse Raider and the Summoned Skull. Dark Magician’s chaos mode may be stronger than any of the Skull Knight’s monsters individually, but I don’t believe that he could defeat Skull Knight’s team when they work together. Skull Knight wins.

Dark Magician vs Gagaga Magician

These two magicians are pretty pivotal players in their respective Yugioh series, but only one of them can walk away with a win here. My money’s on the Dark Magician since he has shown in the past that his energy balls can actually deal a whole lot of damage. Gagaga Magician’s attack power is decent, but it’s simply not as impressive. Dark Magician wins.