Mega Man Fully Charged

The new Mega Man show has finally come out. It feels like this show was in development for an exceptionally long time so it’s good to see it alive and well. I’ve seen the first 10 episodes so far and the show is off to a good start. I look forward to all of the fights that will be popping up. I’ll have a review for the series up when it finishes.

Overall 7/10


Battra vs Fire Man

Fire Man is a pretty impressive fighter and I don’t think that Battra would be able to take him down. Fire Man’s firepower is far too intense and he’s also pretty fast. He can dodge all of Battra’s attacks while unleashing some powers of his own. Battra definitely won’t have a shot in this round. Fire Man wins.

Fire Man vs Lazerman

Fire Man has a lot of fire power at his disposal, but it won’t be enough in this round. Lazerman’s just too fast and with his intense power it’s hard to stop him. One good punch and Fire Man may start having second thoughts, but it will be too late. Lazerman will have already won. Lazerman wins.