Megaman X vs Kid Bass

Megaman X is back and he’s in for his toughest fight yet! Megaman X had been far ahead of Kid Bass for a long time throughout the franchise. You couldn’t even compare the two. Then, Rockman Gigamix came into being and Kid Bass got some pretty serious powers. He could not fight at super speeds in the air or on the ground. Megaman X’s capabilities haven’t fully been seen yet and a similar series for him could close the gap, but Kid Bass definitely has the edge as it stands. He’s finally become a good counterpart to his EXE version. Kid Bass wins.

Virgo Shaka vs Kid Bass

Kid Bass is a pretty tough opponent, but we didn’t see the true extent of his abilities until the manga came out. Virgo Shaka is also very impressive in his manga, but I haven’t seen anything that would make him stronger than Kid Bass. Things are always subject to change, but at the moment, I believe that Kid Bass would take the win. Kid Bass wins.

Kid Bass vs Naruto

Kid Bass is back and he’s up against Naruto. This is actually a much closer match than it would have been, thanks to the wonders of Giga Mix! In the end I think Naruto may still have the edge with his intense speed, but it has been a while since I looked at Kid Bass’s fights. On the other hand, Naruto keeps on getting stronger and stronger! Naruto wins.

Hunter Steele vs Kid Bass

Hunter Steele is back and this time he’s up against Kid Bass! Kid Bass is extremely powerful and with one good blast he can take down a lot of characters! Hunter Steele is strong, but I’m not sure that he can take down someone this powerful. Kid Bass has a lot of powers at his disposal. Kid Bass wins.