Dark Magician vs Fire Man

Suggested by Sonic Mega Mix and Giga Mix definitely bumped up the power levels for a lot of the classic villains. For a while Fire Man was one of those guys who could shoot a good amount of fire but didn’t have a whole lot of speed or anything like that. Now, Fire Man would definitely be able to overwhelm Dark Magician. The spellcaster’s attacks would still be dangerous but Fire Man will be able to dodge them with relative ease and keep up the heat until the Dark Magician would be unable to endure it any longer. He can only last for so long against that kind of attack. Fire Man wins.

Kakuzu vs Fire Man

Suggested by Destroyer Fire Man’s flames could do a real number on Kakuzu if they were to actually land. Kakuzu’s stone hard defense is very useful, but Fire Man’s been shown to damage a robot with armor as potent as Mega Man’s. Still, this won’t end particularly well for him because Kakuzu is a lot faster and he also has more experience. There isn’t a whole lot that Fire Man can do to combat this Akatsuki member and that’s why experience can be just as useful as special abilities on the battlefield. Kakuzu wins.

Battra vs Fire Man

Fire Man is a pretty impressive fighter and I don’t think that Battra would be able to take him down. Fire Man’s firepower is far too intense and he’s also pretty fast. He can dodge all of Battra’s attacks while unleashing some powers of his own. Battra definitely won’t have a shot in this round. Fire Man wins.

Fire Man vs Lazerman

Fire Man has a lot of fire power at his disposal, but it won’t be enough in this round. Lazerman’s just too fast and with his intense power it’s hard to stop him. One good punch and Fire Man may start having second thoughts, but it will be too late. Lazerman will have already won. Lazerman wins.