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Naruto vs Jiraiya

The student surpassing the master is a big theme in any form of media. Not surprisingly Naruto has passed Jiraiya in skill. Jiraiya just doesn’t have the same abilities that Naruto has. Naruto is in a league of his own and always has been. After all he’s the guy who’s gonna become Hokage. Naruto has his Sage Mode to compete with Jiraiya’s. Also with the 9 Tails Mode he pwns Jiraiya fast. Jiraiya wins!!!!!

Nah, Naruto wins.

50 thoughts on “Naruto vs Jiraiya”

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve seen his new one. I just didn’t want to put up a pic that’s too recent for spoiler purposes. Bijuu Mode is definitely much stronger than chakra mode. Naruto is definitely in it’s prime right now mangawise. Next week hopefully the big battle starts and not a sideplot about his friends. The 5 Kage fight would be nice.

      1. yup Naruto is in his prime lol
        Also if you like my blog, Daily Anime Art, then certainly subscribe 🙂

        And seeing as thought you’ve gotten 1.7million, i’d want to get some advice 🙂

      2. Yes, I subscribed about 20 minutes ago. Did it go through? If not I’ll resubscribe. I’d say your blog’s doing great. I guess my only advice is too keep on going consistently. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me I love that. Like Dragon Ball Multiverse for example (Maybe not a good one) but they do one page on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday so you know to go there on those days. Though I think you’re already being consistent in reviewing the episodes and manga chapters when they come out, so like I said you’re doing swell 🙂

      3. Okay yup consistency 🙂
        Been doing this for a while now… receiving some nice hits… 🙂
        and Thanks 😀 and hmm not sure if the subscribe went throught..

        Also since you’ve been doing this for around 2 years, which is a long time! Could you tell me around how many hits someone whos been doing this for around 7 months would get, how many hits do you get?

      4. I think I know what went wrong with the subscription. I followed while I was logged in, but following isn’t the same as subscribing I guess. So I just logged out and subscribed with my email (Which is why this comment is late btw) Tell me if it got through.

        As for views it really depends. For my first months the blog started out really slow. After a while views eventually started coming through. Though these last few months subs have gone up and views have gone down. I’m not sure why. After 7 Months I usually get around 500k. It really depends and if the blog is around long enough more people will find out about it.

        One good way to get views is Twitter. I don’t use it, but it’s a good way to spread the word around (Tactfully of course) Also commenting on other blogs definitely helps. That’s how I found out about your blog after all 🙂

      5. ahah I’ve got a independent twitter account which posts stuff automatically, i also use it to spread anime news which is cool, also use google+ to spread the word 😛

        Also yup seems alright about the 7 months thing 😛
        For me, views have climbed up as well as comments etc…. 🙂

        You must be getting around 10k views a day! lol Personally i find social network a little useless when you’ve got a blog.. but it seems to drive some things a long which is cool 🙂

      6. 10K a day? I wish D: I get around 2-3k a day. Used to be more like 5-7k, but views aren’t what they’re used too. Glad you’re blog’s getting up there in the world. It definitely helps to inspire when making a new post. Yeah, I never really used the social network. Just not my thing I guess. Oh yeah, so counting Naruto’s new super form do you still think Jiraiya would win?

      7. ohh damn.. my blog used to get around 2-3K just like 2 weeks ago!
        and after posting some really interesting naruto stuff… it went up to 12K and slowly going down to a standing 6K ish a day… hopefully it stays there

        Why dont you buy a domain and gain money from what you post?

      8. I guess Naruto gets in the views. 6K a day is definitely great. I was never sure exactly how the whole domain thing works. I thought that since I write about characters like Naruto and Batman that I couldn’t get money since they were copyrighted. Do I have it wrong? I never really read up on that.

      9. Basically, you buy the domain name which comes with something called domain mapping.. This helps alot!!

        Basically, when you’ve got the domain, then you can apply for the ads… At this point the people will look at your blog and see if its valid or not…

        From what I know, its possible to display ads on any site that has good hits and does not break any rules… Not really looked into it.. but you could apply for it 🙂

        I am also looking at buying one for myself

      10. Yeah, it’s been tough finding out if mine qualifies or not. If it does I think getting a domain is definitely worth it. But I figured it wouldn’t because I’m using content from Nintendo, Sega, and loads of other companies. I may apply for it, but first I’m gonna try to do some more research on it.

      11. Yup okay 🙂
        I think, if you contact WordPress themselves to have a look at your blog to see if it qualifies then they may help you…

      12. My thoughts exactly! I just asked them. They usually respond pretty fast so I’ll probably have an answer soon. Also BTW I take all Battle Requests in case you want to request one. The only requests I wouldn’t take are techinqality stuff. They’re pretty complicated, so I’ll just name the simple ones. No Battle may happen twice. Only 1 on 1 fights. All power ups that ever existed count. (So Wolverine would have his Phoenix Force) No “high aboves” can fight each other (Like Sasuke and Bass) That’s the jist of it. Also you can leave an unlimited amount of request fights. At least until I get more requests than I can handle. Like Factpile seems to get hundreds or thousands of request fights. If t hat happened to me I’d still take the requests, but they’d probably come slower.

      13. Request accepted. Though I count Kid Buu as Buu in the blog, but I’ll make sure to use his Kid Buu form in the picture. The request fight will be up tomorrow. WordPress mailed back, but said they had nothing more to say except for the article I already read. Maybe it’s worth it to try for one month and see if I’m accepted. I’m gonna have to ponder this

      14. It doesn’t matter any form 😛 and cool

        Yeh.. WordPress staff never reply to me lool
        Im not sure if you can buy a domain for just one month

      15. Yeah, I meant to say for one year. It sounds worth it, I just wish they would have explained a bit better. If it does work that’d be great. They said a requirement is that it cracks 20k a month so we should both make it pretty easily in that category.

      16. Pretty much. Though he is rivaled by Buuhan. Some would say Buu Han beats Kid Buu. Others would also say the Ultimate Buu beats Kid Buu. Either way both forms count for Buu. Buu can blow up planets and stuff though so Luffy…..well things will be tough for him at the least

      17. Now we’re talking! Luffy’s still a powerful fighter, just Kid Buu is a DBZ fighter and they tend to be crazily strong. So are you doing another post tomorrow? Or gonna wait for the next chapter or episode?

      18. hmm i usually do one post everyday… Iv got a few ideas on what to post about… Althought tomorrow i might need to post two posts..

      19. Cool. Doing a post every day is definitely great. I also do battles every day. 5 on weekdays and 10 on weekends. I take a break on Christmas, and other big holidays so I make up for the absences with extra battles beforehand.

      20. Personally, i think you can post 5 things on a weekend because you’ve either got a very very very very creative brain or they are easy to post….

        With my blog, i have to post something good to write about so people read it lol… to get views from it, i have to make sure it current…

        If i cant find anything i fall back on the Anime Character Index im currently creating…

      21. I do 10 on weekends…11 if we’re not just talking about fights. They are pretty easy to put up. I just talk about 2 characters and I pick who wins. Though I also do Shows, Games, Profiles, Game Stats, Books, Comics, Manga, and other stuff. Why not post a fight one day? That’d probably help the views go up (Depending on the fight) After all everyone likes a good ole fight. You could always speculate on who you think Tobi is. I personally think he’s the 4th Hokage even though that would defy flashbacks. I think the first Tobi was Madara, but the 4th Hokage destroyed him and became the new tobi.

        I definitely agree that you should publish quality stuff. So I make sure to check mine a lot for typos and stuff. Also I’ve been doing pretty big classic matches lately to help. After all what fighting blog hasn’t done Lex Luther vs Superman?

      22. Iv done Naruto vs Sasuke, and its getting a lot of views.. also done Naruto vs Karuma.. and same for bleach characters…


        And yeh the fights are a good idea, I did this fight some time ago, and might do it again in the future when its much closer to the actual date or even pick up more characters….

        The way i usually do the work is that i usually use keywords within my posts so google and other search engines pick it up they send me more hits…

      23. that review was a long time ago.. you should rethink after bijuu mode.. and since he’s capable of handling Tobi.. he’s able to fight Sasuke..!

      24. Well if I thought the outcome had changed I would update the fight, but I still take Sasuke over Naruto. Sasuke has more hand to hand experience and is definitely more tactical. Not to mention that with the sharingan I think he shoudl win easy

    1. Jiraiya lost. A while ago I thought Jiraiya would take the win, but since then Naruto’s gotten much stronger. He’s faster and stronger than Jiraiya which is what gave him the win

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