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Wonder Woman vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is one of Guts’ biggest enemies and one of the stronger characters in the series. He isn’t quite deity level like some of the other villains, but his speed is close to that of Guts and he possesses more special abilities which aid him in a fight. One such ability is telekinesis which is always handy and it will help him hinder Wonder Woman’s movements to a degree. Griffith will still have the edge in speed and while his attack power doesn’t seem quite as impressive as Guts’, it is at a very close level. Griffith wins.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman vs Griffith”

  1. Going off what I know of Berserk and DC Comics, I still think Diana has a chance. She’s not a half-god for nothing, and she probably, in a team, fights beings like Griffith every 3rd story arc. Griffith may hang after the fight is done. That is all.

    1. Yeah with the rest of the Justice League I do think that she would probably beat Griffith. He only just barely wins this fight I’d say so it is really close. Granted I also don’t know a whole lot about Berserk compared to DC

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