Lucy Heartfilia vs Aya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge While Aya doesn’t enter combat nearly as much as her sister, she is still quite proficient at it. Once again it is a question of whether or not Lucy’s guardians can hold their own before Aya breaks the line. As it stands, I just don’t think that they can. I’ve never been particularly impressed with Lucy’s guardians and it’s just so hard to protect Lucy when Aya’s attacks can come from close or long range. If Lucy could learn to fight a little more then this match could easily change. Aya Natsume wins.


Biko Daitokuji vs Aya Natsume

Aya Natsume is an accomplished close combat fighter and her staff techniques are unrivaled. Her special abilities allow her to glimpse the past, present, and future, which can be decently handy in a fight. On the other hand, Biko’s battle suit allows her to gain a degree of super strength and speed. She is also a genius and she has built some pretty powerful robots in the past. I’m going to say that she has the edge here, but it’s a fairly close battle. Biko Daitokuji wins.