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Kagome Higurashi vs Lucy Heartfilia

Suggested by iKnowledge Kagome Higurashi is back, but now she’s up against Lucy who has a slew of spirits at the ready. This time I think they will be enough to protect her and claim victory. Kagome’s greatest strength is her archery and that isn’t quite as effective against multiple targets. Some of these spirits have reasonable super speed as well so they’ll be able to close in and finish Kagome off. She is skilled, but against a whole group she simply doesn’t have enough attack options. Lucy Heartfilia wins.

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Lucy Heartfilia vs Maya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucy has quite a few summons at her disposal which helps her deal with foes that she would have a tough time with otherwise. That being said, she’s still going to have a very tough time here. Maya is an exceptional fighter and her attacks are also amped up with ki. That means that Lucy is going to have a very tough time getting past her. Lucy’s summons range from decently strong to downright formidable, but I don’t think she has anything up her sleeve that can stop someone like Maya. Maya Natsume wins.

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Lucy Heartfilia vs Aya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge While Aya doesn’t enter combat nearly as much as her sister, she is still quite proficient at it. Once again it is a question of whether or not Lucy’s guardians can hold their own before Aya breaks the line. As it stands, I just don’t think that they can. I’ve never been particularly impressed with Lucy’s guardians and it’s just so hard to protect Lucy when Aya’s attacks can come from close or long range. If Lucy could learn to fight a little more then this match could easily change. Aya Natsume wins.

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Lucy Heartfilia vs Willow Rosenberg

Willow Rosenberg is a pretty skilled magician, but she will have to essentially deal with multiple skilled opponents at once since Lucy can summon her Zodiac fighters to help her. Whether she calls in Leo or the Water fighter, it would be too much for Willow. Spells are only as good as the mage who is summoning them and Willow is a bit of a glass cannon. She can dish out the damage, but she definitely can’t take it. Lucy Heartfilia wins.

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Eevee vs Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia is a skilled magician, but she is up to a Pokemon who has many different forms. Eevee likely holds the record when it comes to his overwhelming array of options. Glaceon is one of his more recent forms and the ice abilities that comes with the form can prove to be very helpful. Lucy Heartfilia won’t be able to keep up with Glaceon’s speed and a few good hits will take Lucy out. After all, Lucy has a good amount of durability, but she won’t be able to stand up to an ice combo with a hyper beam to finish the job. Eevee wins.

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Lucy Heartfilia vs Leper Queen

The Leper Queen may be decently good when she has a blunt object with her, it won’t be enough to stop Lucy. Lucy has magical abilities and I believe that she would crush the Leper Queen in a fist fight. Lucy Heartfilia is a lot quicker than the Leper Queen and her stamina seems to be much higher. She gets her first win on the blog with this battle! Lucy Heartfilia wins.