Lara Croft vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the recent Tomb Raider film. While the movie was fairly good, Lara was a little lacking as a protagonist. She simply wasn’t the tough adventurer that I was expecting and didn’t rack up as high of a body count as you would expect. I’m sure she’ll be ready for the sequel but meanwhile Kirito is always ready! That swordsman doesn’t hold back which is definitely bad news for her! Kirito wins.


Giorno Giovanna vs Kirito

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Suggested by Random Giorno is back once again, but now he will have to face off against Kirito. Giorno’s stand has some reasonable speed and attack power, but Kirito is still far quicker. Giorno won’t be able to hit him and Kirito’s sword will be slicing through all of his defenses. Kirito also has a passive regeneration ability which will match Giorno’s. Nothing can stop Kirito’s drive once he gets going and Giorno just won’t be able to think his way out of this one. Kirito wins.

Phantom vs Kirito

This is a tribute to The Phantom. The Phantom does his bit in making the world a safer place but he isn’t very strong. He is basically just a human wearing tights and while he is stronger in the comics, you never see the guy going too far in the long run. He certainly isn’t ready to take down an opponent as skilled as Kirito. Kirito has more sword skills at his disposal than most people’s array of normal skills. His legend will continue to grow with this victory. Kirito wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Kirito

This is a tribute to Dead Men Tell No Tales. Jack Sparrow didn’t look very good throughout the film, but what else is new? He lets his guard down so often that just about anyone can take him down and his swordsmanship isn’t all that great. Kirito could take him down quite easily with the skills and experience that he has acquired over the years. The match won’t even be close and that’s why I almost feel bad for Jack. It’s back to the bar for him. Kirito wins.

Vaatu vs Kirito

Kirito is a powerful swordsman so taking on a shadow creature like Vaatu should be easy. Vaaty is no slouch when it comes to a fight so I’m not underestimating him, but Kirito is a lot faster and he’s also a lot more determined to win. Overcoming his fighting spirit is just not something that I see happening. He’ll keep chipping away at Vaatu’s HP until he’s down for the count. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Heathcliff

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Heathcliff is a pretty powerful fighter since his defensive abilities are very overpowered and practically aren’t fair within the Sword Art Online framework. That being said, Kirito has been shown to be skilled enough to get past this barrier. His sheer speed and strength are simply that far ahead of the pack and Heathcliff can’t hope to block fast enough. Attacks will always get through a defense eventually and this is no exception. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Sinon

Kirito is a skilled swordsman who has continually been outshining everyone through the years. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is one of the most skilled light novel protagonists out there. That being said, Sinon is an expert sniper and has no trouble dealing with opponents from afar. Kirito will have to move quickly to defeat her, but he has been proven to be up to this task in the past. Kirito wins.

Wyatt Halliwell vs Kirito

Wyatt Halliwell is a decent magician whose spells can cause the average mortal to take a step back. The problem is that his offensive capabilities aren’t very well developed yet and he hasn’t dealt with any opponent who had superhuman speed. Kirito could just run up and deliver a powerful slash to him. That would instantly be Game Over. Wyatt had a good run, but the loss was inevitable. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Sumeragi

Sumeragi was a pretty powerful villain from Lost Song. His sword skills are certainly up there as one of the most proficient SAO characters. That being said, he’s still not quite good enough to take on Kirito. Kirito has taken on many powerful foes before including Sumeragi and he always comes out on top. Just as dangerous as Kirito’s speed and power is his drive to win. He won’t give up until victory is complete and 100% guaranteed. That’s just the kind of player he is. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Silica

Silica isn’t really much of a fighter. She has a pet dragon which can help her in a pinch and just by playing the game for so long I’m sure she is at a reasonable level. That being said, Kirito was a beta test player of Sword Art Online and has been intensely leveling up for quite a while. I don’t think Silica would be able to catch him at this point even if she spent years training. Kirito was just made to be a sword fighter and his skills are at the human peak. Silica would get speed blitzed as soon as the round started. Kirito wins.