Quinella vs Kirito

Quinella is a powerful fighter and ended up being one of the biggest bosses that Kirito had to face. Still, our twin bladed swordsman is certainly up to the task. As powerful as Quinella is, Kirito ultimately outranks her in all stats. It is unlikely that she will ever appear again to receive a big power up and so she would be losing ground as long as the series keeps going since Kirito continues to grow stronger. Kirito wins.

Santa Clause vs Kirito

This is a tribute to Santa Clause vs the Devil. Santa did not look very good in this one as he mostly spent his time laughing and getting tricked by the minion. Kirito wouldn’t have been falling for any of that and it’s why Santa needs to take the clear loss here. He has had some special abilities, super strength, and other assets over the years but this will not be enough to defeat Kirito. The difference in speed and power is just too immense here. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Roy

Suggested by Sonic Kirito and Roy are both very powerful swordsmen who know how to use elements within their swordsmanship. Kirito ultimately takes this one though as the guy just continues to get stronger and stronger with each arc. Alicization really brought this to the peak when he mastered aura usage and gained his powerful super form. In this mode it’s fair to say that he is barely even human anymore. Roy has had some really good speed feats in his day as well but at this point they are in different leagues. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Halloween

Halloween is a pretty scary fighter but the same can be said for Kirito. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would really want to go up against this guy. Kirito’s powers are just insane. A single swing of his sword could potentially end this match as soon as it has begun. Halloween has a lot of projectiles and abilities at his disposal but I don’t see any way he can compensate for his lack of speed. Kirito will be running rings around him pretty quickly and as soon as he lands a good blow then that’s game over. Kirito wins.

Kirito vs Alice Zuberg

Alice is an incredible fighter and one of the strongest Integrity Knights out there. With a single swing of her blade she can bring most opponents to their knees. Even Kirito had to comment that her sword felt extremely heavy. While their match would have been close to a standstill for a while, Kirito has obtained abilities even beyond her limit. I don’t really think there’s a whole lot she could do to stop an opponent of his caliber. At this point Kirito has really mastered the sword at a level where no one can reach. Mix that in with his superior physical stats and there isn’t a whole lot that Alice can do here. Kirito wins.

Asia Argento vs Kirito

Asia Argento has returned, but I don’t think that she will be able to take down Kirito here. Kirito is a master swordsman and it is a title that he had to earn as he went through his many battles. Asia Argento is skilled with abilities of her own, but she is primarily a healer not a fighter. She won’t be able to cope with Kirito’s onslaught of quick attacks and he will slowly but steadily drive her into a corner. Kirito wins.

Ralph vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the film: Ralph Breaks The Internet. Ralph may have finally learned how to fix things in the first film, but he lasted long enough to lose sight of his goals. He isn’t nearly as determined or powerful as Kirito and that will ultimately be his downfall here. He doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with the swordsman either so there’s just nothing he can do. Kirito wins.

Newt Scamander vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the second Fantastic Beasts film. Newt Scamander may know some basic spells, but he isn’t particularly quick witted and doesn’t have the reaction times needed to even begin to challenge Kirito’s techniques. Kirito would be able to dash in and end this match before Newt can fire off a single spell. The best spells in the book are meaningless if you can’t hit your target. Kirito wins.

Devlin vs Kirito

It’s time for Kirito to show why swords are all he needs to take the win. Devlin is a fairly confident agent who talks a big game, but at the end of the day he never really seems ready for a fight. He isn’t exactly decisive and the guy always appears to be outmatched. I don’t think Kirito will have any trouble at all taking him down in a fight here. Kirito’s defeated far more imposing opponents in his day and has the clear edge in speed and strength. Kirito wins.

Lara Croft vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the recent Tomb Raider film. While the movie was fairly good, Lara was a little lacking as a protagonist. She simply wasn’t the tough adventurer that I was expecting and didn’t rack up as high of a body count as you would expect. I’m sure she’ll be ready for the sequel but meanwhile Kirito is always ready! That swordsman doesn’t hold back which is definitely bad news for her! Kirito wins.