Alice Zuberg vs Rose Wilson

Alice and Rose are both very accomplished in the blade but this is a case where craftsmanship is pretty important. Alice’s sword can withstand just about anything. There’s nothing Rose can really do to put her in the same league right now. Additionally, Alice is a whole lot faster. She would very quickly overwhelm Wilson and her first strike may cut straight through Wilson’s weapons and end the match in an instant. Such is the power of an elite Integrity Knight. Alice Zuberg wins.

Kirito vs Alice Zuberg

Alice is an incredible fighter and one of the strongest Integrity Knights out there. With a single swing of her blade she can bring most opponents to their knees. Even Kirito had to comment that her sword felt extremely heavy. While their match would have been close to a standstill for a while, Kirito has obtained abilities even beyond her limit. I don’t really think there’s a whole lot she could do to stop an opponent of his caliber. At this point Kirito has really mastered the sword at a level where no one can reach. Mix that in with his superior physical stats and there isn’t a whole lot that Alice can do here. Kirito wins.

Alice Zuberg vs Chudelkin

Alice is one of the best Sword Art Online characters and very quickly proved to be one of the more powerful ones as well. Her speed and raw power are quite impressive and she can shatter her limits when facing a stronger opponent. Chudelkin is one of those guys who really hides behind his title. He can actually fight a bit but I wouldn’t put him in Alice’s league. She moves far too quickly for him and a few good sword slices will end this match as soon as it begins. Alice Zuberg wins.