Chudelkin vs Thor

Suggested by iKnowledge Chudelkin is a pretty tricky clown. Definitely not the kind of opponent you want to underestimate. He can shoot fire and turn into a giant fire monster but his speed isn’t quite on the same level as most of the other Sword Art Online villains. Thor would easily be able to swing his hammer right on through the fire. Chudelkin isn’t quite fast enough to dodge either. Thor wins.

Chudelkin vs Silver

Suggested by Sonic Chudelkin is one of Quinella’s most faithful followers. He’s definitely not even remotely a good villain although his abilities are fairly decent. If he could land some clean blows then he would be in a good position here but that isn’t happening. Silver’s just too fast. While this hedgehog’s speed isn’t quite at the level of Sonic or Shadow, Silver has proven himself fully capable of keeping up with those two when needed. His psychic abilities will also limit Chudelkin’s movements which will work to his advantage. Silver wins.

Alice Zuberg vs Chudelkin

Alice is one of the best Sword Art Online characters and very quickly proved to be one of the more powerful ones as well. Her speed and raw power are quite impressive and she can shatter her limits when facing a stronger opponent. Chudelkin is one of those guys who really hides behind his title. He can actually fight a bit but I wouldn’t put him in Alice’s league. She moves far too quickly for him and a few good sword slices will end this match as soon as it begins. Alice Zuberg wins.