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Santa Clause vs Arthur

Santa Clause is a pretty tough customer and we know that he can do many things. How strong he is depends on the incarnation, but even the weakest one could probably give Arthur a run for his money. Arthur is just a kid after all so he’s pretty outmatched when it comes down to a fight. He can throw a punch, but Santa’s would simply be stronger. Santa Clause wins.

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Setsuna F Seiei vs Santa Clause

Setsuna F Seiei is back and now he’s up against Santa Clause! Santa always brings some holiday cheer into his matches, but it won’t be enough to stop the overwhelming power of Setsuna F Seiei! Setsuna F Seiei has a giant robot at his disposal and tends to crush his opponents. Setsuna F Seiei wins.

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Frosty The Snowman vs Santa Clause

Frosty The Snowman is back yet again and this time he’s up against Santa. Santa has his nifty hand to hand abilities which have led him to victory many times in the past. Defeating him is one of those things that many strive to do, but few can accomplish. Santa Clause wins.

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Santa Clause vs Lobo

Lobo vs Santa Claus
If only Santa Clause weren’t so old, then maybe he could try and take Lobo down for the count. Still, Lobo is a lot stronger and faster than Santa Clause can hope to be. One day Santa Clause will be back to show the world that his fighting skills will always be there. Lobo wins.

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Santa Clause vs Batman

Santa Claus vs Batman
Santa Clause is back, and now he’s up against the Dark Knight! Batman has taken many guys down and his hand to hand skills are pretty intense. Santa Clause may have his presents at the ready, but Batman has his money and power. Santa Clause is a bit out of his league in this round. Batman wins.

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Santa Clause vs Darkseid

Santa Clause is back, but now he’s up against Darkseid! This could prove to be a pretty tough match for him. He’s not used to dealing with so much raw power! Darkseid has taken guys like Superman down in the past. Santa Clause spreads good cheer, but it won’t be enough. Darkseid wins.

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Takamura vs Santa Clause

Takamura makes his blog debut, but he’s up against Santa! Usually Takamura would win this match pretty easily, but Santa has some magical creatures at his disposal. With them he takes this round and shows the world who’s boss. Takamura just couldn’t win this round. Santa Clause wins.

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Santa Clause vs Totoro

Santa Clause is one of those guys that you don’t want to underestimate. With his impressive pokemon it’s hard to stop him! Totoro is a pretty nice guy, but in the end it won’t be enough to win this time. Maybe next time he’ll come back to take the win. Meanwhile Santa Clause shows us some christmas cheer! Santa Clause wins.

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Santa Clause vs Ash

Santa Claus brings a lot of Christmas cheer to all beings of the world. Still, Ash is much too powerful for Santa Claus. With one punch he has taken on many strong opponents. Santa Claus has some pokemon of his own, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Ash. He doesn’t have enough pokemon. Ash wins.

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Santa Clause vs Snorlax

Santa Clause is a pretty big figure. His influence is massive and pretty much every kid on the block listens to him. Of course when it comes down to fighting ability, he’s not quite as good as Snorlax. Snorlax has his Hyper Beam which can do some pretty massive damage. Santa Clause may not get up after that. Snorlax wins.