Lara Croft vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer Lara Croft and James Bond are both special operatives who have fought in many battles. Bond has more experience in direct confrontations while Lara has taken on more supernatural threats. She will be able to take Bond down. Both of them have a lot of great gadgets, but Lara is simply faster and has better feats at her disposal. Bond will be overwhelmed with pure speed and in martial arts I would also give her the easy edge. Bond’s only shot here is his gun skills which will not be enough. Lara Croft wins.

Lara Croft vs Bones

Suggested by Destroyer Bones has his phaser which could destroy Lara Croft in a single hit if he were to land it, but the same can be said for her and her guns. Lara has taken down many opponents over the years and beating someone like Bones will be easy for her. He’s just too old to dodge her attacks while she can flip away from his shots. If Bones were just 20 years younger then he could have made a real run of it here. As it stands he just doesn’t have a chance at winning. Lara Croft wins.

Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones is definitely a pretty good explorer. He’s been through a lot of adventures and his athletics have gotten him this far. Still, he isn’t nearly as nimble as Lara is. She can run rings around him and also has more experience being in actual fights. She’s taken down robots and all kinds of creatures. Beating Indiana Jones will just be another morning for her. He is just physically outmatched here. Lara Croft wins.

Encyclopedia Brown vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer Encyclopedia Brown seems like a nice kid, but at the end of the day that’s all he is. What can a kid hope to do against a trained fighter like Lara? Take away her gadgets and she’s still an incredibly tough fighter who won’t go down easy. Brown can’t say the same for himself and it’s not like this is a battle of wits. His plans will only delay the inevitable as Lara can easily win this in a multitude of different ways. Lara Croft wins.

Hannah Montana vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer Hannah Montana was definitely a popular character back in the day but she wasn’t exactly known for her exceptional skills on the battlefield. Lara Croft could easily best her in a hand to hand fight or quickly score a win with her bow and arrow. She can effectively win the match however she pleases without a whole lot of effort. The gap in their skills is quite large. Lara Croft wins.

Lara Croft vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the recent Tomb Raider film. While the movie was fairly good, Lara was a little lacking as a protagonist. She simply wasn’t the tough adventurer that I was expecting and didn’t rack up as high of a body count as you would expect. I’m sure she’ll be ready for the sequel but meanwhile Kirito is always ready! That swordsman doesn’t hold back which is definitely bad news for her! Kirito wins.

Python vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer The Python is an iconic snake with abilities far greater than what you may suspect. However, it cannot deal with Lara’s long range options like the bow. She just needs one good shot to end this fight and with her remarkable aim that will not be very difficult at all. Lara is certainly moving up in the rankings with these wins. Lara Croft wins.

Betty Boop vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer Betty Boop may have been a rather popular icon at one point in time, but I don’t think she has what it takes to defeat someone like Lara. Croft has been honing her hand to hand skills for a very long time now and has become a master of combat. Betty can’t say that the same is true for herself. Lara Croft wins.

Lara Croft vs Alex Hopper

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Hopper has a gun and he is reasonably powerful so this certainly isn’t a total stomp for Lara. That being said, she is much more experienced in gun fights and is also more agile. She will be able to overwhelm him with speed and skill. Hopper may be able to steal burritos but he’s still not an expert in combat. Lara Croft wins.

Lara Croft vs Jack Sparrow


Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow has never been a very impressive pirate. Often times he only gets away because everyone panics when he really should have died back in film 1. He certainly won’t escape an expert like Lara. She is just on a different level and a few good shots can take him out. If he bothers to go immortal then she will simply slice him to ribbons. Lara Croft wins.