Asia Argento vs Kirito

Asia Argento has returned, but I don’t think that she will be able to take down Kirito here. Kirito is a master swordsman and it is a title that he had to earn as he went through his many battles. Asia Argento is skilled with abilities of her own, but she is primarily a healer not a fighter. She won’t be able to cope with Kirito’s onslaught of quick attacks and he will slowly but steadily drive her into a corner. Kirito wins.

3 thoughts on “Asia Argento vs Kirito

  1. I haven’t seen High School DxD but I think Kirito would win. I don’t think he would hurt Asia that badly either. As far as I know, he has a soft spot for girls.

    • Agreed, Kirito’s definitely not the kind of guy who’d go too far here. He’ll probably just show her a few good sword skills and then peacefully end the match

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