Bloody Moon Dragon vs Zilla


Zilla definitely has the size advantage here but that’s about it. Bloody Moon Dragon can still overwhelm him with pure speed and technique. Zilla will effectively be defenseless against these attacks and while she can endure a lot of hits, eventually they will be enough to take her down for the count. It could be a drawn out battle but one that can ultimately only go one way. Bloody Moon Dragon wins.


Miss Piggy vs Zilla

Suggested by Destroyer Miss Piggy is a fun character. She’s always getting into a lot of crazy situations and still takes it all in stride. That being said, she won’t be able to do much against the awesome power of Zilla. Zilla is huge and has a mean bite at her disposal. At that point all Piggy can do is try to delay the inevitable. She would need a considerable power boost to take on Zilla. Zilla wins.

Zilla vs Strawberry Shortcake

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits I like Strawberry Shortcake as much as the next guy, but she’s never been a fan favorite character because of her fighting ability. She’s a nice kid and always does the right thing, but that’s not good enough against someone like Zilla. Zilla has faced powerful monsters like Godzilla before and has never backed down from a fight. He may not be quite as cheerful as Strawberry Shortcake, but he does have the physical power to make up for it. Zilla wins.

Chunk vs Zilla

The Chunk has a gun and I wouldn’t want to underestimate his fighting spirit, but Zilla may have the edge here. Zilla isn’t very large, but she can still pack a mean punch. One chomp or charge and it’ll be game over for the iconic Flash villain. The Chunk just needed a little more speed and this could have been an interesting fight. Zilla wins.

Mutavore vs Zilla

Zilla Mutavore
Mutavore is a pretty powerful monster and he was more than a match for some of the Jaegers when they fought. Mutavore’s destructive physical attacks would be too much for Zilla since Zilla’s defense has never been very impressive. Zilla would have a tough time trying to hurt Muravore without getting hurt by his spikes! Mutavore wins.

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Bass vs Zilla

Zilla is back once again, but now he’s up against Bass! Bass is basically invincible and I don’t think he will ever lose a match. He’s too powerful at this point and nobody can really hope to stop him. It’s the end of an era for Zilla, but his losing streak is not over. Zilla will be back and I’m sure that Bass will make a return as well someday. Bass wins.

Alien (Battle LA) vs Zilla

The Aliens from Battle LA were not very impressive. They had blasters at the ready, but Zilla will be able to ram into the alien before anything drastic can happen. The Alien wouldn’t survive such a devastating attack and it may make them think twice before going up against this fearsome beast! Zilla wins.

Belphemon vs Zilla

Belphemon is a powerful Digimon and he’s about as large as Zilla if not larger. That takes away Zilla’s big advantage from previous fights and it means that he is doomed. Zilla isn’t a long range fighter, but Belphemon can fly away and spam his energy blasts. He would also be able to defeat Zilla in a close combat fight thanks to his overwhelming power and chain abilities. Belphemon wins.

Marcus vs Zilla

Marcus is definitely more than a match for Zilla whether he has his Digimon partner with him or not. Marcus has tremendous amounts of power within himself and his punches can damage any foe. Marcus also has a lot of potential and he’ll continue to grow stronger as the years go by. Zilla’s height won’t stop Marcus from defeating him! Marcus wins.

Howard Aguello vs Zilla

Zilla is not really a powerful Kaiju and some would argue that he doesn’t even qualify to be called one. Nontheless, he stacks up pretty well as far as monsters go and he could definitely take Howard down for the count. Howard as his gun at the ready, but it just won’t help him take Zilla down. Howard is forced to take another loss! Zilla wins.