Miss Piggy vs Zilla

Suggested by Destroyer Miss Piggy is a fun character. She’s always getting into a lot of crazy situations and still takes it all in stride. That being said, she won’t be able to do much against the awesome power of Zilla. Zilla is huge and has a mean bite at her disposal. At that point all Piggy can do is try to delay the inevitable. She would need a considerable power boost to take on Zilla. Zilla wins.


Miss Piggy vs Vegeta

Vegeta has now reached 40 wins. Now everyone will realize just how powerful he is. Vegeta is a force to be reckoned with and can destroy whole cities with a single ki blast. Miss Piggy doesn’t have nearly enough power to stop Vegeta. Vegeta is the prince of all saiyans. He can’t be defeated. Vegeta wins.