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Alien (Battle LA) vs Biolllante

Biollante is back for another win against one of the less original aliens in cinema existence. These guys are small and they pack a punch when in large numbers. This would be a closer fight if it was an army of these aliens, but Biollante will easily win if this is just a one on one battle. Biollante wins.

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Alien (Battle LA) vs Zilla

The Aliens from Battle LA were not very impressive. They had blasters at the ready, but Zilla will be able to ram into the alien before anything drastic can happen. The Alien wouldn’t survive such a devastating attack and it may make them think twice before going up against this fearsome beast! Zilla wins.

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Luigi vs Alien (Battle LA)

Alien (Battle LA) is pretty tough when he wants to be, but in the end beating Luigi will be a tough thing to accomplish. Luigi has some good jumping abilities and he’s also got some green fire at his disposal. I don’t think that the Alien (Battle LA) will be able to handle such a skilled fighter. Luigi wins.

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Battra vs Alien (Battle LA)

The Alien (Battle LA) is a pretty tough creature, but they’re only good in great numbers. One of them vs the legendary kaiju known as Battra? No contest! Battra’s definitely got this round in the bag. One good shot should be enough to take this guy down. Battra’s not done with his wins just yet! Battra wins.

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Alien (Battle LA) vs Gamera

Alien (Battle LA) was pretty tough. They have guns and with them can do some massive damage. Gamera has his fireballs and his giant Mana cannon! With it he can do some massive damage. Not even Alien (Battle LA) would get up from that. Gamera rises up the ranks with this win. Gamera wins.

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Alien (Battle LA) vs Lazerman

Aliens are always interesting, but Lazerman pwns in this round. Alien (Battle LA) has a gun, but beyond that they’re just not as fast as Lazerman. One good disruption beam and Alien (Battle LA) is dead. Alien (Battle LA) just didn’t have the skills to win this match, but maybe he’ll be back. Lazerman wins.

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Alien (Skyline Flower Type) vs Alien (Battle LA)

The Alien from Skyline is pretty tough and it defeats the Battle LA aliens in the end. It’s too durable to lose. The Battle LA aliens may be back someday, but maybe not for a while. Alien (Skyline Flower Type) wins.

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Alien (Battle LA) vs Tripod

Alien (Battle LA) was mildly tough and with his skills can take down the Tripod. The Tripod could try to blast away at the Alien, but the Alien would simply dodge. After a while the Alien’s blasts would break through the barrier and defeat The Tripod. Alien (Battle LA) wins.