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Alien (Battle LA) vs Skeith

Skeith it possibly the strongest being in the universe. He has now cracked 20 wins. Alien can’t defeat him. Of course being at 1-1 isn’t too bad. Skeith may not fight again for a while, but he has reached the elites so it’s okay. Skeith wins.

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Skeith vs Kara

Skeith is back once again. He now has 19 wins. Kara starts her career in the blog with a loss. Not the best way to start, but when you’re fighting someone as strong as Skeith there was never any other way. Skeith wins.

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Palm vs Skeith

Skeith is a legendary program that can defeat anyone in an instant. With his raw power no being may stand before him. Palm may be pretty tough, but she’s still not tough enough to take down someone like Skeith. Skeith wins.

But Palm has some pretty impressive speed and power. So in the end she manages to secure a win. Palm wins.