Deidara vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic Luigi’s a tough guy who gets courage when he needs it, but he won’t be able to stop Deidara here. The guy has enough clay bombs for days and enough speed to always stay a few steps ahead of Luigi. There’s just no way to catch him. Luigi’s firepower also isn’t a match for Deidara’s attacks. At the end of the day, he would need a massive speed boost to stand a chance. Deidara wins.

Luigi vs Swordman

Suggested by Destroyer Luigi may tend to get overshadowed next to Mario but he’s a reasonable fighter in his own right. When needed he can definitely get involved in fisticuffs and deal some solid blows. Is that enough here? I’d say probably not. As good as Luigi is, Swordman is far quicker and his sword attacks are absolutely devastating. A single swing should cut through Luigi’s energy attacks and deal quite a bit of damage. There isn’t a path to victory for him. Swordman wins.

Inkling vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Inkling to return, but she won’t have any better luck here. Luigi has mastered the powers of electricity and throughout the years he has obtained some decent power ups like his trusty fireballs or even the hammer. He’s got enough abilities up his sleeve to ultimately claim a victory here while Inkling’s tech just won’t be enough. Luigi wins.

Luigi vs Olimar

Suggested by Sonic Olimar has a lot of Pikmin at his disposal, but he definitely isn’t the greatest of fighters. After all, we saw how quickly he folded back in the Subspace days. He’s not ready to take on someone like Luigi yet. Luigi has thunder and fire abilities on his side as well as some actual martial arts. When you put that all together then you just have to wonder what Olimar can do in response. It’s all over for him now. Luigi wins.

Ken Masters vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic Luigi is next to take on Ken, but I don’t think he will be able to do much better. Ken is simply in a different league in terms of proper hand to hand knowledge as well as special abilities. His flame blasts are considerably bigger than Luigi’s. Luigi can try to use his jumps to keep a gap between himself and Ken’s attacks but that will only work for so long. Ultimately Ken always gets his man and that won’t change here. Ken Masters wins.

Sukapon vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic Luigi is back and now he is really ready to rumble! His fireballs pack a punch and should certainly be able to damage Sukapon. Sukapon is strong, but Luigi will be able to keep his distance with the hammer and smash away from mid range. He just has a lot of attack options under his belt and they will all mean trouble for his opponent. Luigi wins.

Luigi vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Snake has a lot of weapons at his disposal. The guy is a pro at hand to hand combat and stealth tactics. In a match of skill he has got this hands down, but Luigi has a plethora of special abilities at his disposal which he can use to even the playing field. A few good bolts of electricity can really turn the tides in such a fight. Luigi wins.

Bewear vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic Bewear is a pretty neat Pokémon that looks like something out of Five Nights At Freddy’s. He is a powerful bear with a flurry of special attacks that will absolutely bring the pain against Luigi. Luigi has his fireballs and a whole lot of other items from the many games he has been in, but they haven’t helped to make him all that much of a threat. What use are the items when Luigi can’t master them? Bewear wins.

Cloud vs Luigi

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Never underestimate Weegee power. That’s why he’s always been such a strong foe. That being said Luigi won’t be able to keep up with Cloud in terms of speed or power.Green Fireballs are great, but Cloud can simply slice and dice his way through all of them. It’ll be too hard for Luigi to try to get in on Cloud and he’ll have to settle for the loss. Cloud can afford to fight up close or afar and he would win either way. Cloud wins.

Mewtwo vs Luigi

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Coincidentally, I just defeated a Luigi with my Mewtwo in For Glory! It’s a tough matchup, but I always knew that Mewtwo had it in him! Luigi’s a tough plumber and all, but he’s seriously outmatched against a foe as strong as Mewtwo. Mewtwo can run rings around Luigi and then end the match in an instant with a single energy blast. Such is the power of a legendary Pokemon! Mewtwo wins.