Luigi vs Olimar

Suggested by Sonic Olimar has a lot of Pikmin at his disposal, but he definitely isn’t the greatest of fighters. After all, we saw how quickly he folded back in the Subspace days. He’s not ready to take on someone like Luigi yet. Luigi has thunder and fire abilities on his side as well as some actual martial arts. When you put that all together then you just have to wonder what Olimar can do in response. It’s all over for him now. Luigi wins.

2 thoughts on “Luigi vs Olimar

  1. While it likely wouldn’t change the result, I’d like to say Olimar is actually no larger than a person’s thumb. So Super Smash Bros. is not accurate in size representation.

    • That’s true, I always tend to forget about that. Not counting composite then he’s really sunk here. I mean, being small is helpful sometimes but certainly not in this scenario

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