Strawberry Shortcake vs Polly Pocket

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close battle. Polly Pocket may be able to shrink and turn into a mermaid but Strawberry Shortcake is older and can even drive a car. Ultimately I would give this to Strawberry. She is a prodigy in almost anything that she tries and fighting could be one of those talents. She would have the physical advantage and lets not forget that she can spam throwing cakes at Polly. Ultimately I don’t see a path to victory for Pocket. Strawberry Shortcake wins.

Zilla vs Strawberry Shortcake

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits I like Strawberry Shortcake as much as the next guy, but she’s never been a fan favorite character because of her fighting ability. She’s a nice kid and always does the right thing, but that’s not good enough against someone like Zilla. Zilla has faced powerful monsters like Godzilla before and has never backed down from a fight. He may not be quite as cheerful as Strawberry Shortcake, but he does have the physical power to make up for it. Zilla wins.