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Polly Pocket vs Coraline

Polly Pocket is back and now she’s up against Coraline! Coraline may be small, but she’s nimble and she’s also very smart. One good punch from Coraline should end things in an instant and also put Polly Pocket in her place. In theory….that is how it would work. Still, Polly Pocket seems to have the fighting advantage and she could likely block Coraline’s attacks until she wins. Polly Pocket wins.

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Polly Pocket vs Gwen Stacy

Polly Pocket is back and this time she’s up against Gwen Stacy! Gwen became the female Carnage at one point and definitely outranks Polly Pocket. Polly Pocket is one of those characters who likes to have fun, but she won’t have much fun in this match. She drops down the ranks. Gwen Stacy wins.

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Polly Pocket vs Salt

Polly Pocket knows how to have fun, and if that’s what this match was about she’d win, but this fight is about the Last Person Standing. So Salt wins this with a bullet. Polly Pocket wouldn’t last through the pain and would die pretty fast. Polly Pocket takes another loss after all these months. Salt wins.